Redheads Rejoice: Glossier Has Made a New Boy Brow Just For You


Finding a suitable brow product when you’re a redhead is no mean feat. So, the news that Glossier has come to the party with the release of its iconic Boy Brow product in a new shade just for redheads is very exciting indeed.

The new shade, called Auburn, is a versatile cinnamony-ginger coloured product that should suit a variety of red and orange toned hair colours. Just like with the other shades, Boy Brow in Auburn gives a soft and flexible hold while visibly thickening and grooming the brows to stay in place.

Glossier launched Boy Brow in 2015 with three shades — blonde, brown and black — and according to The Cut, has sold four million units of the cult product since then. A clear shade was added to the Boy Brow Collection in 2017 but this is the first time redheads have been catered for in the line.

There hasn’t been any mention as to whether there will be an Auburn shade added to the Brow Flick line-up — Glossier’s brow pen which currently comes in blonde, brown and black — but here’s hoping!

Glossier doesn’t currently ship to Australia and if you don’t have friends in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada who can send you the goods, there are other ways around it.

The easiest way to get Glossier into your hot little hands here in Oz is through the Australia Post ShopMate service. Basically, you sign up to ShopMate and you’re given a ShopMate U.S address, which you pop in as the delivery address on your order. Then, your order will be delivered to the U.S warehouse and processed before being sent on to you in Australia.

While it is undoubtedly a handy service, it comes with a pretty spenny price tag. ShopMate charges a $25.25 shipping base rate per parcel plus $5.45 weight rate per 500g. A book, for example, could cost you around $35 just in shipping, so keep this in mind when placing your Glossier order as you’ll need to pay for the shipping to Australia later on.

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