Rule Over ‘Gladiators’ By Knowing the Rules of ‘Gladiators’

Gladiators rules 2024

It’s here, it’s finally here. The iconic series Gladiators is back, and we couldn’t be more excited for its return.

For those who have forgotten the nineties, Gladiators was a reality TV series that ran from 1995 until 1996. In this show, a number of permanent competitors, called Gladiators, battle against a number of one-time contestants, called Contenders. These battles consisted of a series of wrestling matches, obstacle course races, and aerial-based fights.

According to Liz Ellis, the co-host of 2024’s version of Gladiators, this reboot is going to be a fun mix of old and new. While some of the original gauntlets are returning, the prize for winning this series is no longer a Hyundai Sonata. In a phone call with The Latch, Liz said that two of the 2024 Contenders will win the right to become Gladiators in the following year.

“The big prize at the end of the series is not just the trophy, it’s the ability to become a Gladiator next year,” Liz said. “So the Contenders become the Gladiators. That was a real driving force for them. They put everything on the line. And you know when they get to the end of the eliminations, you know that they have nothing left to give.”

But what does a Contender go through to become a Gladiator? What are Gladiators’ 2024 rules? Here is everything that we currently know.

The Rules of Gladiators 2024

In Gladiators 2024, it’s the ultimate David versus Goliath battle. At the beginning of this series, there are 24 Contenders, who will compete in six heats.

The Contenders will battle against the Gladiators in challenges like Duel, Powerball, Crunch, The Wall, Pyramid. There are some other, secret challenges as well.


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When a Contender wins a heat, they score a point. These points are important, because in the final round, the Contender will take on an obstacle course called the Eliminator.

Each point the Contender has scored across the comp will score them a time advantage in the final race. 

In the Eliminator, it’s Contender versus Contender. At the end of this race, one Contender will be placed into the quarter-finals or semi-finals, while the other Contender is eliminated. 

As it stands, we don’t know how the rules of the Gladiators’ finale will work. However, we’ll update this page once we know.

Gladiators airs at 7.30pm on Sunday – Wednesday, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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