Will Raven Soar Above the Rest in ‘Gladiators’ 2024? Or Will She Go Crashing Down?

On Gladiators, Katelin Van Zyl is Raven

It’s official: Gladiators has the best contestant names in the game. Who couldn’t fall in love with competitors called Chaos, Arrow, and Cobra? There’s even a Gladiator with the iconic title of Raven.

However, Gladiators is more than a bunch of people with awesome names. It’s also an exciting gauntlet of strength. In this series, a number of permanent competitors, called Gladiators, battle against a number of one-time contestants, called Challengers. These battles consist of wrestling matches, obstacle course races, and aerial-based fights.

According to Liz Ellis, the co-host of Gladiators, this premise is going to make for some exciting drama.

“I think the viewers can expect some great family viewing,” Liz said in a phone call with The Latch. “At the heart of it is this contest, this David versus Goliath contest. It’s a sporting spectacle wrapped in fun and entertainment. So I think it just makes for some really great family TV.” 

Which brings us back to the Gladiator Raven. Will this Goliath rewrite a classic tale? Can they bring a dusting of the spectacular to the spectacle? Here’s everything that we know.

Who Is Raven on Gladiators?

In Gladiators, Raven is being performed by Katelin Van Zyl, a 31-year-old representing Queensland. Katelin is best known for being an elite field hockey player with the Hockeyroos Australian National Team. She also came second in Fittest Woman in Australia 2019 and has competed numerous times in the CrossFit Games. 

Katelin’s currently a sports dietitian and the owner-operator of two CrossFit Urban gyms on the Gold Coast.


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As Raven, Katelin will take inspiration from the bird of her namesake. She will spot her opponent’s weaknesses from a mile away, and then swoop down with a precision that will leave them lying in defeat. While Raven is a threat, she can also be playful, toying with her victims and prey.

Gladiators is set to premiere at 7.30pm on Monday, January 15, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss its premiere? Catch up on 10 Play.

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