From Powerball to Pyramid, These Are the Challenges in ‘Gladiators’ 2024

Gladiators challenges 2024

Duel, Powerball, the Pyramid. No, this isn’t a list of illicit yoga moves. These are instead a few of the challenges that will take place in Gladiators’ 2024 arena. 

Gladiators is a reality TV series that pushes participants to its limits with battles of physical strength. In this series, a number of permanent competitors, called Gladiators, battle against a number of one-time contestants, called Contenders.

According to Liz Ellis, co-host of Gladiators, all the challenges in this series are golden. In a phone interview with The Latch, Liz regaled us with some of her faves. 

“Powerball’s in there,” Liz shared, “which is the lovechild of rugby league and netball. There’s people being tackled and people trying to score goals. That was my favourite, that was just awesome to watch.”

“There’s also Pyramid, which is just amazing. Watching the Gladiators and the Contenders tumble up these steps made from foam? It’s just phenomenal.”

However, while Liz’s explanations are exceptional, you might want some more details about these games. In fact, you might want to know the rules of each gladiatorial contest. 

If such a person is you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of every Gladiator challenge and how they’re played.

Gladiators 2024: The Games



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Edge is a brand new event. In this challenge, one Contender and one Gladiator stand on a series of platforms that are raised high above the ground. The Contender then must race from one side to the other, all while avoiding being knocked off by a Gladiator.



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In Duel, a Gladiator and a Contender are placed on opposing podiums that are raised a few metres from the ground. These contestants are then tasked with hitting each other with pugil sticks. The first person to knock their opponent to the ground wins. 



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In Pyramid, two Contenders race to the top of a giant pyramid made of foam. However, they’ll be up against a pair of Gladiators, whose goal is to prevent them from getting to the top.

The Wall


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In The Wall, Contenders have to climb a 10-metre-high wall in a short period of time. Traditionally, women have 10 seconds, while men have seven seconds. These Contenders are also being chased by Gladiators, who want to throw them off the wall. 

Hang Tough


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In Hang Tough, a series of rings are hung from the ceiling. To begin this contest, a Contender and Gladiator hang from these rings. It is then up to the Challenger to reach where Gladiator started off. Likewise, it is up to the Gladiator to make the Contender fall off said rings. The Gladiator can do this by wrestling them. 



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In Powerball, two Contenders are tasked with placing a series of balls in a collection of five goals. However, each Contender has a Gladiator assigned to them. It is up to the Contenders to evade their Gladiator, as they can tackle them or push them off the court.


In Tilt, one Contender and one Gladiator stand on two platforms that can tilt backwards and forwards. These platforms are placed far apart and off the ground, with Gladiator’s platform being higher than the Contender’s platform.

Once the Contender and Gladiator are standing on their respective platforms, they are handed a rope. It is then the Contender’s job to pull the Gladiator off their platform.


In Whiplash, one Contender and one Gladiator are placed in a large circle. They then hold onto one end of a long cylindrical object. Once the 30-second timer starts, it’s the Contender’s job to make the Gladiator leave the circle or let go of the object they’re both holding.

The Eliminator 

The Eliminator is an obstacle course race. However, unlike the other events, this one is Contender versus Contender. 

At the end of each race, the winner is selected to compete in either the quarter-finals or the semi-finals. Meanwhile, the loser gets eliminated.

Gladiators airs at 7.30pm on Sundays – Wednesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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