Could You Beat the Cast of ‘Gladiators’ in a Fight? Here’s What We Know

The 2024 cast of Gladiator.

Gladiators is back, my people, and it’s bringing a new cast with it. That’s right, after 15 years off the air, 12 new Gladiators are entering the ring, hungry for gladiatorial glory. What’s more, in this season, we’ll have a mix of disciplined warriors, rule-breakers, and ruffians. 

Gladiators is a series where a bunch of buff people compete in a gauntlet of physical challenges. We’re talking wrestling matches, obstacle course races, and aerial-based fights. If you win enough challenges, you will go down in Gladiator history.

The hosts of this new series are Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan. Liz is one of Australia’s most beloved netball players, while Beau Ryan is the host of The Amazing Race Australia.

But who are these heroes and villains? What are their stories? Here’s everything we know about the Gladiators’ 2024 cast.

The Cast of Gladiators 

Harriet Roberts as Arrow

Harriet Roberts is an athlete and coach. 

Jaymi-Lee Morris as Chaos

Jaymi-Lee Morris is a ripped bodybuilder.

Damien Gilbert Rider as Cobra 

Damien Gilbert Rider is an athlete and has done some mint Ted talks about fitness.

Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas as Comet

Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas was the youngest-ever Ninja Warrior Australia contestant. She went on this series two times.

Blessings Chilufya as Cyclone

Blessings Chilufya is a fitness coach.

Alethea Boon as Elektra

Alethea Boon is a Commonwealth Games athlete and CrossFit Games athlete. In 2017, she got 2nd place in the Australian Weightlifting Open.

Chanique Greyling as Halo

Chanique Greyling is a stuntwoman and MMA fighter. She was also Young Frigga in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Kwame Duah as Maximus

Kwame Duah is another bodybuilder.

Sandor Earl as Phoenix

Sandor Earl is a former NRL player. He played on the wing for the Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters, Penrith Panthers, and Melbourne Storm.

Katelin Marks as Raven

Katelin Marks is a former hockey player and another CrossFit Games athlete.

Jett Kenny as Viking

Jett Kenny has a great name and is a legit ironman. 

Khan Porter as Spartan

Khan Porter is the final CrossFit Games athlete on the roster.

Gladiators is set to premiere at 7.30pm on Monday, January 15, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss this premiere? Catch up on 10 Play.

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