Are You Not Entertained? All the Details We Know About the 2024 Season of ‘Gladiators’

Razor scooters. MSN Messenger. Gorging all of the new Gladiator details in your local TV guide. One of these iconic pieces of nineties Aussie memorabilia is making a comeback.

Tragically, it isn’t MSN Messenger. Nor are scooters having a resurgence. But Gladiators is. This 1995 series is getting another chance at being a cultural icon.

Want to learn all the Gladiators details that we currently know? Let’s smash into them now.

The Premise of Gladiators

In this series, a number of permanent competitors, called Gladiators, battle against a number of one-time contestants, called Challengers. These battles consist of a series of physical challenges. 

Some of these challenges included:

  • Wrestling matches 
  • Obstacle course races
  • Aerial-based fights

The Hosts of Gladiators

Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan are the new hosts of Gladiators. Liz Ellis is an iconic netball player, a panellist on The Project, and recently won the 2023 season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 

In a press release, Liz exclaimed how pumped she was to work on this series.

“It’s an iconic franchise, and I’m excited about the reboot,” Liz said. “It is set to showcase some of my favourite Gladiator challenges from the original series, as well as throw up a few new ones for us to fall in love with!”

Meanwhile, Beau Ryan is the host of The Amazing Race Australia and the co-host of Studio 10. Like Liz, Beau is also hyped for this gig.

As Beau said, “I am beyond excited to be hosting Gladiators alongside the great Liz Ellis. Liz is a national treasure, and we are going to have a lot of fun. I grew up watching and loving Gladiators and can’t wait to get into it. It’s going to be spectacular.”

Gladiators Trailer

Will Gladiators Thrive in 2024?

In 2008, Gladiators had a brief revival. This reboot consisted of 15 episodes. 

When this reboot first premiered, it was extremely popular. On 30 March, its first episode had the largest free-to-air audience. What’s more, its second episode was able to secure the same win.

However, after this slay, Gladiators quickly fell off. It never hit the number one spot again, and its 14th episode dropped below the top 10.

The 2008 version of Gladiators didn’t score a second season, and it quickly faded from popular consciousness. 

The question now remains: Will Gladiators 2024 have a similar fate? Can it compete with the likes of Netflix’s Physical: 100? Or will it have a short and sharp peak before fading?

As it stands, Gladiators could escape this fate. But it’s also a bit of a gamble.

When Does Gladiators Start?

Gladiators is set to premiere on Monday, 15 January at 7.30pm.

Who Will Produce Gladiators?

Gladiators was originally produced by Channel 7. However, it’s now been confirmed that Channel 7 won’t triple-dip, they won’t work on this this franchise again. This series will instead be produced by Network 10.

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