Doing Dry July? These Are the Health Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free, According to a Dietitian

July is upon us, which means that the challenge of Dry July may be a great time to reset your physical and mental health with a break from booze.

Now I know as well as the next girl that alcohol can be a really wonderful part of life. There’s (almost) nothing better than a nice glass of vino after a hard day at work.

However, I think it’s, unfortunately, part of becoming an adult to properly realise that the negative effects of alcohol can outweigh the positive, without a bit of moderation.

According to Dietitian, Jessica Spendlove, some short-term benefits of taking a break from alcohol include:

  • Happier mood
  • Clearer mind
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Improved hydration
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved exercise performance and better physical recovery

All of these things are an obvious benefit to anyone of any age, but especially those that have a busy working schedule and do consistent early mornings and late nights.

Spendlove also shares some long-term benefits, citing a stronger immune system and improvements in your memory and cognitive functions.

If these sound like some things that you could do with right now, 2021 might just be your year to give Dry July a whirl. Not only does it allow you an excuse to take a month off booze, you’re also giving back by raising money for people affected by cancer.

Funds raised provide invaluable services such as support from a cancer care nurse, new wigs, a ride to treatments, accommodation close by to the hospital and many more. Not only will you be helping those affected by cancer, but you’ll be helping yourself too.

“It can be easy to get in the cycle of going out after work, a few drinks here, a few drinks there, and suddenly across the week the numbers can really add up. When looking at the bigger picture, your health, it is all about balance and moderation,” says Spendlove.

“Taking a month off to reset and re-calibrate can lead to a number of short- and long-term health benefits that your body will thank you for.”

Top 5 tips for taking a break this Dry July

Tip 1: Tell your friends and family that you’re doing Dry July, and recruit a crew to help raise funds, awareness and also reap the many benefits of taking a month off alcohol.

Tip 2: Make the most of getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier, with some day adventures or breakfast catch-ups.

Tip 3: Make plans with friends and loved ones that you can look forward to which don’t centre around drinking – hiking, coastal walks, or active weekends.

Tip 4: Replace your usual alcohol with mocktails, kombucha, soda water, herbal tea that you enjoy.

Tip 5: Set yourself a savings target and treat yourself at the end of the month with something you really enjoy – a delicious dinner, new boots or a bag you’ve been wanting for a while. Or even better, donate what you’ve saved to your Dry July to help people affected by cancer.

With so many amazing non-alcoholic offerings out there and the rise of sobriety being celebrated, 2021 feels like the perfect time to give going booze-free a crack.

The best alcohol-free brands right now

Mindful Mocktails – a website full of healthy mocktail recipes that are both aesthetic and delicious.

Brunswick Aces – Melbourne’s best alcohol-free wine, beer and Sapiir (gin-like spirit). They also have a bar.

Monday Distillery – Fantastic bottled non-alcoholic versions of the classics, including G&T, Paloma, mezcalita, and a dram sour, which is a take on a whiskey sour.

You can sign up for Dry July 2021 here.

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