10 Gifts Under $100 For People Who Love to Cook and Eat

gifts for foodies

For that friend whose condiment collection takes up an entire shelf, that person who’s always sniffing spices at the shops, or that one who drags you into the specialty food store to “see what’s new” — we have just the gift guide for you.

Buying foodies gifts is almost as difficult as trying to get your mum to admit she wants more than just “a nice lunch with the family.” But considering we’re foodies ourselves, we’ve put together a list of things we would want to find in our stocking or under our tree, from home decor to pantry delights.

Here’s our foolproof foodie gift guide to help you shop for the person who loves to cook and eat in your life.

For the Condiment Hoarder

gifts for foodies

Pepetino Native Chilli Condiments, $27-$65

We can guarantee your foodie friend has never had this kind of chili oil. Blending Italian heritage with native Australian ingredients, Pepetino will add a kick to any dish, from pasta to sandwiches. The Festive Native Discovery or Native Chilli Olive Oil packs all come wrapped neatly with a big red bow and an oversized name tag, ready to be stuffed into a stocking.

For the Foodie Who Also Loves Home Decor

gifts for foodies

Nonna’s Grocer Candles, $32-$89

Is there anything better than a candle that looks like food? We think not. Nonna’s Grocers candles are the real deal. They look good enough to eat (don’t eat them) and will suit any home decor. The tomatoes are particularly striking, as is the lemon, and if you have a friend who loves burrata, we have the perfect candle for them. There’s also avocado, mango, grapes, plums, green chilli, and more.

For the One Who’s Always Wanted to Poach the Perfect Egg

gifts for foodies

Our Place Egg Poacher, $80

Is there someone in your life who has ever wanted to poach the perfect egg? They’ve tried everything: vinegar, making a whirlpool in the pot, and using a slotted spoon and still haven’t had the perfect egg. This egg poacher makes fluffy, poached eggs in minutes. Hopefully, they’ll thank you with eggs benny for breakfast!

For the Foodie Who Serves a Mean Martini

gifts for foodies

Maison Balzac Martini Glass, $69

This elegant martini glass is the perfect present for that friend who’s known as the group’s home bartender. The olive glass floating near the pit of the glass is unique and tres chic.

For the Dinner Party Host

gifts for foodies

In the Roundhouse Trays and Platters, $25-$80

For that person who’s always hosting dinner parties, why not get them a stylish new platter, tray or set of bowls for their next at-home soiree. In the Roundhouse has endless options inspired by the Mediterranean that they probably already have on their wishlist.

For the Foodie Who Loves Art

gifts for foodies

Food for Everyone Posters, $75-$100

These posters of some of Australia’s most iconic dishes are the ultimate foodie gift for art lovers. From Ragazzi’s renowned Mafaldine to Messina’s pistachio praline, each poster is an artist’s rendition of the dish, usually featuring each ingredient. There’s also tinned tomatoes and tinned sardines. The best part is that each poster bought donates ten meals to local food banks.

For the Salad Enthusiast

gifts for foodies

Fazeek Salad Servers, $89

Whether they’re making Jennifer Aniston’s favourite salad, a TikTok chopped salad, or something they’ve invented, these salad servers are showstopping and will make anyone want to have a salad—just to use them. There are three colours to choose from.

For the Foodie Who Loves a G&T

gifts for foodies

Threefold Distillery Tom Yummy Gin, $72

You can just about get any flavour and style of gin in Australia, from Davidson Plum to one with green ants in it. But the foodie in your life will appreciate this Tom Yummy Gin from a South Australia-based distillery. It’s vivacious, lively, bold with southeast Asian flavours, and most importantly, it is food-compatible. Your foodie friend will love coming up with a food pairing for this tipple. Check out their other gins, including the Mediterranean gin and Aromatic Gin.

For the Fancy Cocktail Maker

gifts for foodies

Olsson’s Smokin’Chilli and Native Citrus Cocktail Salt, $15

Cocktail salt is a must-have for any Margarita doter or tequila fanatic. These cocktail salts are from Olsson’s, so you know they’re top-notch. The Smokin’ Chilli is perfect for spicy margs, while the native citrus pairs with just about anything fruity or citrusy.

For the Stylish Foodie

gifts for foodies

Saturday Lollipop Jewellery, $32-$50

It doesn’t get much cuter than tiny food jewellery, and this Melbourne-based jewellery maker has it all. Fairy bread? Yep. Avo toast? Of course. From earrings to necklaces, you’re bound to find something for that stylish foodie in your life.

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