3 Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

‘Tis the season for the most gift wrapping you’ll do all year. Because buying the perfect present for a loved one (or acquaintance) this Christmas is only half the battle. If you haven’t bothered to wrap it properly, or at the very least, put it in a gift bag, then, well, let’s just say, don’t be surprised if your giftee appears to be less than impressed.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d make your life that much easier by sharing with you three present wrapping hacks you’ll wish you knew a lot sooner.

How to Wrap When You Don’t Have Enough Paper

Oftentimes when you’re wrapping gifts, you can either run out of paper or end up cutting a section of paper that’s too small to fit around the present. Or so you think. A trick from TikToker @lindsayroggenbuck shows you can still make it work by shifting your item so it’s at a diagonal and then wrapping it as usual. You’ll be able to cover your entire present with wrapping, and still have it looking all neat and tidy, no extra strips of wrapping paper required.

How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

If you’re gifting a bottle, stuffed animal or any other irregularly-shaped item, you’ll want to follow this wrapping hack by Melbourne mum-of-two Chantel Mila of @mama_mila_au.


  1. Measure the paper to fit around the gift (cut off excess paper) and tape it
  2. Fold base upwards
  3. Create a diamond. Fold the bottom and top inwards and tape
  4. Place the present inside and seal the top
  5. Punch holes at the top of the wrapping and thread in ribbon to tie into a bow.

Wrapping hack

How to Create Your Own Wrapping Paper

Creating your own wrapping is not only a fun activity to do on a rainy weekend afternoon, but it also adds a thoughtful touch to your gifts. Home renovators Roísín and Zac from @geebungalow share their method for creating your own (stunning) wrapping paper below.

You will need:

Wrapping paper hack


  1. Collect these items from around the house and your local Bunnings
  2. Think of a range of shapes to decorate your paper in (festive, floral, stars, etc. Use your imagination!)
  3. Cut ¼ off the potato down the long side
  4. Carve your chosen shapes using the craft knife
  5. Dip the potato stamp into the paint
  6. Roll out the butcher’s paper and press the stamp into the paper
  7. Allow to dry and then wrap your loved ones’ presents with your custom paper.

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