‘I Haven’t Seen a Cockroach In Three Years Thanks to This Product’


Cockroaches are synonymous with Australian indoor-outdoor living. While our home designs favour an open floorplan and wide, open window and doors that allow us to live and entertain outdoors, this often means that making friends with creepy crawlies is all part of the experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

A millennial living in a third-floor apartment in the inner city, I do not have sliding doors that open out onto a spacious veranda, nor do I have huge open windows that allow the outdoors in, and yet for a while there, my home was overrun with cockroaches. It didn’t matter how spotless my kitchen was, it didn’t matter that I closed my windows as soon as the sun went down. They still managed to find a way in, and I found it incredibly distressing.

At my wit’s end, I eventually went searching for a solution that would rid my home of cockroaches for good. After some research on Reddit and a deep dive into real-life reviews for a number of cockroach-killing products, I’m thrilled to say I found the solution to get rid of cockroaches for good.

Advion Cockroach Gel is a fast-acting bait that’s easily dotted around your home via the syringe it’s packaged in. It’s designed to bait and kill various cockroaches, including the disgusting big ones and the smaller brown German cockroaches.

Using the plunger syringe, you simply dispense a few pea-sized blobs around each room of your home, making sure to leave the bait in hard-to-reach spots for kids and pets. Under the oven, behind the fridge, in between cracks in the floors or walls, under the skirting, behind garbage bins; anywhere that cockroaches frequent.

And that’s it. Your cockroach problem will be gone in a matter of days. It’s nothing short of amazing.

The gel works by attracting cockroaches which then eat the bait and spread the active ingredient Indoxacarb to the colonies. Some people will find dead cockroaches around their homes during the first few days, while others (like myself) will notice they disappear entirely.

“This is a marvel. It works. I wish I had found out about this years ago. It annihilated the cockroach colony that had been entrenched in kitchen walls since I moved into this house. Simply brilliant,” shares one happy buyer in a glowing review.

“I was surprised by the effect of this gel. I just place the gel in different places in the kitchen at night and when I woke up in the morning today, all cockroaches were dead on the floor,” writes another.

Though I no longer live in the third-floor apartment, I’ve taken my cockroach solution with me and I’ll continue to bring the gel to any new home. These days, I lay down the bait once every six months or so, or at the first sighting of a living cockroach.

You can buy Advion online from eBay and Amazon, starting from around $35 for a tube. A second-best solution (which I’ve also tried and tested) is the Pest Xpert 2 in 1 Cockroach Bait from Bunnings, which works in a similar way. It’s $29.99 for a tube.

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