The Team Behind Bondi’s FISH SHOP Are Opening a Permanent Takeaway Fish Market Next Door

Photo: FSH MKT

In March, Fishbowl founders, Nathan Dalah, Nic Pestalozzi, and Casper Ettelson, brought us FISH SHOP, which instantly became Bondi’s hottest new restaurant. Since the day it opened, people have lined up to get a taste of the juicy ocean trout, and crispy fish and chips. When lockdown shut down the hospitality industry, they reverted back to their original roots—takeaway. 

“When we opened FISH SHOP, we were inspired to do takeaway—mainly because of the style of food and location—but as luck would have it, our customers turned it into a dining destination. Our first week of opening we had to scrap takeaway altogether because we were inundated with diners,” says Dalah.

“This is why we’re so excited for our next venture, FSH MKT.”

FSH MKT—yes they de-vowled the word Fish Market—will be a dedicated takeaway only venue. Dalah says it’s their take or re-imagination (if you will) of a beachside fish market. 

Photo: FSH MKT

“Takeaway has been our bread and butter. We started with Fishbowl and now here we are going back to takeaway with FSH MKT. We were always more comfortable doing takeaway, so when we fleshed out the concept for this new venue we wanted it to compliment FISH SHOP. 

The menu will focus heavily on seafood, with dishes centred on dishes suitable for takeaway. You can expect to see some of the original menu items from FISH SHOP at the market including the popular ocean trout and unforgettable fish and chips. 

“Over the last few months we have been doing burger specials and they’ve proved quite popular so we’ll be adding a tuna cheeseburger to the menu, along with a swordfish steak sandwich—which was my favourite during the pop-up takeaway stint we’ve been running in lockdown,” says Dalah.

Dalah also slipped a few other menu items to look forward to including eggplant scallops with a honey miso glaze dipping sauce. They will also have a dedicated Bring-Your-Own-Picnic (BYOP) option, which will include oysters shucked to order, fresh prawns with a range of dipping sauces, and housemade taramasalata—to name a few. 

“People are picnic crazy, and we’re located at the foot of a park, we’d be crazy not to cater to the picnic crowd. People can come in, pick up a few items and head off to their picnic in the park or at the beach,” says Dalah. 

According to Dalah, they have acquired one of three tenancy’s next door, where FSH MKT will live. The design will be similar to FISH SHOP—beach-inspired and tonal.

“We’ve carried elements over from FISH SHOP and George’s original design. Although, expect to see some fun, poppy, crunchy elements that are emblematic of who we are,” says Dalah.

Photo: FSH MKT

There will be some outdoor seating, although Dalah explains, the focus of this venue is takeaway. Inside, there will be an open kitchen and a big marble workspace so it’s inviting and open, as a fish market usually is.

FSH MKT is opening in late October. Dalah explains FISH SHOP will undergo a renovation while FSH MKT is open.

“Joel has been busy creating some amazing dishes for FISH SHOP, including a King George whiting with shoestring fries as an alternative to the ocean trout which will live on the FSH MKT menu.”

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