From Wine Country to Dragon Fruit Farms: This Is Where ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Was Filmed

Where was Farmer Wants a Wife Australia filmed in 2024?

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia isn’t just another show that’s filmed in Sydney. This show takes you across the length and breadth of this country. It showcases hidden gems, local hotspots, and places you didn’t even know existed. If you want to learn how stunning rural Australia is, Farmer Wants a Wife is worth your attention.

In 2023, Farmer Wants a Wife took us to Farmer Brad’s rustic property in the historic Cootamundra, NSW. It also boasted stunning tales from Farmer David’s apple farm in Pozieres, Queensland.

What’s more, the 2024 season of Farmer Wants a Wife is set to show off a plethora of new and extraordinary locations. Here are the locations in Australia where Farmer Wants a Wife has been filmed in 2024.

Where was Farmer Wants a Wife Australia Being Filmed in 2024?

Bombala, NSW

Bombala, NSW
Canberra Region

Nestled between the rolling Monaro range and the lush South East forest lies Bombala, an idyllic NSW town. Filled with colonial buildings, fields of lavender, and adventure, Bombala is a place to savour a slice of authentic country life.

On Farmer Wants a Wife, Bombala is home to Farmer Joe. This bloke is a sheep and cattle farmer hoping to have a paddock full of kids someday.

Kandanga, Queensland

Kandanga, Queensland
Matt Inbgn

On the banks of Kandanga Creek lies a peaceful Queensland town. That town being Kandanga. This place is best known for its stunning local flora, rare local fauna, and a population of just over 600 people.

Thanks to Queensland’s sunny weather, Farmer Dean lives in Kandanga and grows melons. He also uses his farm to raise cattle.

Tahbilk, Victoria

Tahbilk, Victoria
Visit Victoria

Hidden in the Strathbogie Ranges, Tahbilk stars blue skies over picturesque landscapes of greenery. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to go as a wine lover. Australia’s first ever marsanne grapes were grown in Tahbilk, meaning that this region has been making scrumptious wines since 1927.

Tahbilk is an excellent place to raise cattle and plant crops. Which is probably the reason that Farmer Tom’s working there.

Condobolin, NSW

Condobolin, NSW
Visit NSW

Condobolin, lovingly nicknamed Condo, isn’t your average NSW town. It’s instead a laid-back gem on the banks of the Lachlan River. It’s the perfect place to catch some Murray Cod while having a frosty beer.

At Condobolin, Farmer Dustin does a little bit of everything. He raises cattle, looks after goats, herds sheep, and grows crops, just to name a few of his daily activities. 

Wamuran, Queensland

Wamuran, Queensland
All Around Reality

Imagine walking through the sunlit shade of some gum trees, listening to the songs of the kookaburras, and smelling eucalyptus in the air. Excellent, for you are now imagining yourself walking through Wamuran. This quaint Queensland town is known for being home to some of the best nature walks that Australia has to offer.

Wamuran is also so far north that it’s a superb place to grow tropical fruits. Which brings us to Farmer Bert, a man who grows pineapples and dragon fruit in this region.

If you want to watch Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024, it’s coming soon to Channel 7 and streaming on 7 Plus.

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