Gift Someone Their Favourite Food… In Candle Form

food-shaped candles australia

Like cupcake soaps, food-shaped candles are having a moment, and unlike cupcake soaps, you’ll never have to use them if you don’t want to. These hyper-realistic creations, initially designed as sources of light, are more than that. They’re edible artistry captured in wax. Though, you really shouldn’t be eating candles unless they’re made from gravy.

From croissants to lemons, food-shaped candles remind us of our favourite dishes and desserts while simultaneously adding eye-catching decor to our homes. They will leave you wondering if they’re truly good enough to eat.

One such candle we’re wrestling with, whether to eat it or not, is the new burrata candle from Nonna’s Grocer. The adorable, chubby cheese blob is actually cast from a real Vannella Cheese burrata.

“I was fascinated by these fruit candles popping up everywhere. They look so real,” said the creative director of Vannella Cheese, Anthony Silvio. “I reached out to the team at Nonna’s Grocer to suggest a crazy idea for a burrata candle. They said it was totally possible.”

After seeing this new burrata candle, we were inspired to find more food-shaped candles, so whether you’re a candle enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a unique gift, here are some candles to delight your appetite for beauty and innovation.

food-shaped candles australia

Nonna’s Grocer Burrata Candle, $38

Show your love for burrata with this oh-so-satisfying-to-eat burrata candle. It’s ready to take centre stage at the dining table (no scent) or be gifted to your cheese-loving friends. This candle is available to purchase from September 4, 2023.

food-shaped candles australia

Nonna’s Grocer Avocado, Grape, and Tomato Candles

While you’re on Nonna’s site, check out their other items, including a seriously realistic tomato candle set, a lemon, and a bunch of grapes that look juicy enough to eat. But we will stress again, don’t eat it. All of Nonna’s candles are unscented.

food-shaped candles australia

Bonnie and Neil Baguette Candle, $59

Handcrafted in Italy, this unique, delicious-looking baguette candle is the perfect gift for your family and friends. It’s moulded from wax with a cotton wick, although we don’t think you’ll burn it. It’s too pretty. It’s also unscented.

food-shaped candles australia

Bonnie and Neil Pepper Candle, $42

Another Bonnie and Neil candle we’re obsessed with are these unscented green, red, and yellow pepper candles—or as we call it in Australia, capsicum.

food-shaped candles australia

Gohar World Fried Chicken Candle, $50

Straight from the U.S., you can add this miniature fried chicken drumstick candle to your home. We’re sure it will become the talking piece at dinner. No, it doesn’t smell like fried chicken or anything for that matter.

food-shaped candles australia

LMJ Candles Ice Cream, $25

These delightful little ice cream cones are scented. One smells like the Amalfi Coast! What more could you want? They’re individually hand-poured in small batches in Sydney, so each piece is unique.

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