How to Achieve DIY Feathered Brows, Thanks to One of Australia’s Top Brow Experts

When it comes to beauty trends, eyebrows have arguably never been so important. Each eyebrow trend has served its purpose, of course, but these days, eyebrows are one of the most tended to areas of the face. In fact, there is a whole industry just for eyebrows — both in products and treatments — and these go way beyond simply waxing or plucking.

An extremely popular eyebrow trend these days is feathered brows. While eyebrow feathering is usually achieved with microblading, there is a way to fake this look without the need for a permanent procedure.

Brow expert and founder of vegan beauty brand Garbo & Kelly, Carolyn Fox specialises in brows and always advocates to work with what you’ve got. Fox, who brought the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand to Australia after being mentored and personally trained by Anastasia Soare in 2004, has created a number of brow products within her Garbo & Kelly range to help you achieve the feathered brow look.

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“Feathered brows is a playful and sexy look that gives the style of effortless chic,” says
Fox. “Brows have had some extreme trends over the years, however feathered brows will always be in style. I don’t believe in being a slave to fashion trends, what I do is style my client’s desired looks, personality and face shape.

“There is not just one look, there are many looks for many occasions. With the right tools and products, you can make the most of what you already have, create the perfect brow for your face and let your inner beauty shine.”

To achieve feathered brows, Fox recommends following the below steps. All you need is a brow pencil, powder and gel.

How to DIY feathered brows at home

— To begin with, make sure not to tweeze or over define your brows. Avoid trimming them as the longer the brow hairs, the more there is to work with in creating full, feathered brows.

— Start by brushing the brow up with the spooley end of your brow brush to give
instant width and lift.

— Use your Garbo & Kelly Beauty Brow Perfection Pencil to fill any gaps in the front
of the brow with hair-like strokes. Apply a dusting of the Garbo & Kelly Brow
Powder over the top for soft density.

— Use the clear Garbo & Kelly Beauty Brow Gel to set the brow and keep them in
their perfectly, imperfect position.

— For an extra pop, add highlighter from above the eye and follow the length of the

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