Meet the Men Trying to Win Over Farmer Paige on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’

For the first time in Farmer Wants A Wife Australia’s history, there will be a female farmer on the hunt for love.

27-year-old Paige is a farmer hailing from New South Wales, and this year, she’s looking for a husband to settle down with.

The country gal moved from Brisbane to Cassilis, NSW, to live a simple life and follow her passion for farming.

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However, things can get a bit lonely in the countryside, which is why Paige is hoping for a companion.

“I left Brisbane behind for life on the farm, but love is what is missing from my world,” she said. “Finding true love will complete the whole package. I know my guy is out there, I just haven’t met him yet.

“I’m not walking away from this with any regrets or what-ifs.”

Luckily, nine men will be competing for her heart this year on the upcoming season of Farmer Wants A Wife, so the odds of her finding someone she’s compatible with are pretty high.

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From writers to electricians, the men appearing on the show come from all walks of life, but who manages to win over Paige’s heart remains to be seen.

Not to mention, the dating show has a pretty solid track record, with the Australian version alone resulting in nine marriages, two long-term relationships and 25 babies.

It’s safe to say Paige has a pretty good chance.

As we wait for the new season to kick off, let’s meet the men vying for Farmer Paige’s heart on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Chris, 31, NSW

Channel 7

Dylan, 29, VIC

Channel 7

Ged, 33, VIC

Channel 7

James, 30, VIC

Channel 7

Marty, 36, NSW

Channel 7

Sam, 35, QLD

Channel 7

Glen, 26, NSW

Channel 7

Josh, 27, ACT

Channel 7

Spiros, 25, NSW

Channel 7

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