Will These Farmers Find Forever on ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’?

Farmer Brenton - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

Farmer Wants A Wife is making its 2023 comeback and there’s a whole new batch of hopeful contestants looking for happily ever after. The show is coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus, so get ready for a new season of wholesome love. An Australian classic, the franchise has produced nine weddings, five long-term relationships, and 25 babies.

This season will be hosted by Samantha Armytage and Natalie Gruzlewski. And audiences can expect the two to be playing cupid and paving a road to romance. Here’s hoping true love will be somewhere along the way for the five new farmer contestants.

Each of the selected bachelors is from different area of Eastern Australia (NSW, VIC and QLD). Their nature of work also varies from apple farming to cattle care.

Channel 7 promises first glances, first kisses, romantic dates, and life-changing moments from this new season. The eligible bachelors are given the opportunity to know what the journey of finding your soulmate really feels like (within the limits of reality television of course). And good news for Farmer fans, in a franchise first, each of them are getting a fairytale ending.

There is a lot of mystery about the willing ladies that will be taking part in the show. But we’re sure it will be interesting to see the relationship dynamics between each farmer and their potential love matches. Will they find their forever in each other?

Let’s meet the five farmers that are looking for love this season.

Who Are The Farmers?

Farmer Brad, 32, from Cootamundra, NSW

Farmer Brad - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

Farmer David, 29, from Pozieres, QLD

Farmer David - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

Farmer Brenton, 26, from Darriman, VIC

Farmer Brenton - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

Farmer Matt, 23, from Bookham, NSW

Farmer Matt - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

Farmer Andrew, 41, from Narromine, NSW

Farmer Andrew - Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants 2023

It’s set to be a season full of sweet moments, drama and lots of falling in love. You can catch Farmer Wants A Wife’s new season on Channel 7 and 7plus when it airs later this year.

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