The ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Secrets You’ll Want to Know

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia: Behind the scenes

It’s not even April, and we’re already hankering for a new season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia. But who could blame us? Last year’s season of Farmer Wants a Wife was so perfect that we need more. Farmer David and Emily’s love story is one for ages. What’s more, we’re so pleased that Farmer Matt and Olivia are still a couple.

To tide us over until the next season starts, let’s take a look at some of Farmer Wants a Wife’s behind-the-scenes details. It’s time to learn what’s happening when the cameras turn off. Are the producers manufacturing drama? Are farmers letting secrets slip? Here are all the Farmer Wants a Wife behind the scenes facts you need to know. 

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia: The Behind the Scenes Goss

The Producers Make Lovers Wait

On Farmer Wants a Wife Australia, there have been multiple times when a farmer meets a city girl, they fall in love, and then the producers prevent them from choosing each other. Apparently, if you find the right person too quickly, you have to wait.

This exact scenario has impacted two different couples. In 2009, it happened to Farmer Brad and Stacie. In 2021, it happened to Farmer Andrew and Jess.

The first person to comment on this happening was Brad. He did so in a 2019 interview


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“I remember telling the producer, ‘I am going to marry that girl’,” Brad said. “And he turned and said, ‘Not yet, we have another 10 shows to go first’.”

The second person to remark on this taking place was Jess. She said as much in an interview from 2021.


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“Andrew knew he was going to pick me,” Jess said, “so we went to the producers and told them we’d fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no.”

“They also told us we couldn’t tell the other girls of our connection because it would mean the whole show would have to stop filming and people would lose their jobs.”

Luckily for us, both Brad and Stacie and Andrew and Jess are still couples going strong. This behind the scenes drama didn’t break either of their love stories.

A Lot Hits the Cutting Room Floor

Behind the scenes on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia, a lot of footage is shot. In fact, so much material is filmed that a large chunk of it doesn’t ever hit our TV screens. According to a production insider, each season produces around 120 hours of unreleased footage

But don’t fret, this insider claimed that we’re not missing much. Most of this footage is of farmers being camera shy.

“Remember, they’ve been isolated on rural farms for years and talking to women isn’t always easy for them,” the insider said, “let alone when a camera is shoved in their face.”

The Girls Couldn’t Talk to Girls on Other Farms

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia features a bunch of different girls on a bunch of different farms. However, it’s not often that a girl from one farm is allowed to talk to a girl from another.

This detail was put forward by Lorelei on an episode of the So Dramatic podcast. In 2023, Lorelei was a runner-up, she tried to win the heart of Farmer David.


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“We weren’t allowed to talk to the other girls,” Lorelei said. 

“You’d have those camera moments, where you get to catch up and be like, ‘Oh, how are you going? How are you feeling?’ But when we were getting ready for the events, we were so separated.”

The Farmers Have a Stylist 

Button-up flannel, jeans, cowboy boots. These items of clothing are the classic Farmer Wants a Wife Australia assemble. However, they aren’t what each farmer would typically wear. Some farmers actually like a good t-shirt with a pair of shorts.

In 2021, one anonymous farmer said that having his clothes chosen for him was akin to being dressed by his mother. What’s more, even the city girls aren’t safe either. Each piece of clothing that they bring has been approved by production.

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia premiers on Channel 7 and 7 Plus after Easter. Miss its premiere? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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