Nat’s Picks: Could Jessie or Alyssa Be the One Farmer David Is Looking for?

Farmer Wants a Wife, Nat's Picks for Farmer David, Jessie (L) and Alyssa (R)

The latest season of Farmer Wants a Wife has been nothing short of exciting so far. We’ve been eagerly tuning in to see our farmers embark on the journey towards finding true love, and we can’t wait to see who they choose. But just as things were heating up, co-host Natalie Gruzlewski threw our farmers a curveball with Nat’s picks.

Handpicked by Natalie herself, Jessie and Alyssa are here to shake things up for Farmer David. But will sparks fly?

Farmer Brad, Farmer David, Farmer Brenton, Farmer Matt, and Farmer Andrew have already started building connections with the ladies on the farm. However, the arrival of Nat’s picks is bound to stir things up. After all, the path to love is never a smooth ride.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether a last-minute arrival could be the one to capture a farmer’s heart. Only time will tell. For now, let’s get to know Nat’s picks and see how they fit into the mix.

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Meet Jessie

Jessie (pictured left in the above image) is a 30-year-old naturopath from Queensland who takes pride in her ability to genuinely connect with people from all walks of life.

As one of Nat’s picks for Farmer David, Jessie said in a press statement that she is “ready for the love that stays.”

Jessie believes that her eternal optimism, cooking skills, and love for nature are some of her unique qualities that make her stand out.

As for why she was drawn to Farmer David, Jessie said: “The warm smile, sparkling eyes and sunny disposition drew me in. The apples well and truly sealed the deal.”

Jessie went on to say that she loves love, and believes in the importance of following everything that lights her up. However, finding that special human being to share life with has always been on her mind.

As Farmer David continues his search for love, he should keep in mind that Jessie is looking for something meaningful and lasting. With her warm personality and love for connecting with people, she could be a great match for Farmer David.

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa (pictured right in the above image) is a 32-year-old disability support worker from Queensland. She’s also one of Nat’s picks for Farmer David.

In a press statement, Alyssa said that she prides herself on her “positive outlook and resilience“, as well as her “ability to handle challenges in life with grace and ease”.

When asked about her special qualities, Alyssa added: “My sense of humour. My emotional intelligence and my ability to show compassion toward others.”

Alyssa believes that she and Farmer David have a lot in common, which could lead to some romantic sparks.

“We are actually very similar on paper,” she said, adding that she “used to be an environmental engineer.

“I also value having plenty of laughter and smiles in a relationship — even through challenging times. I love adventures, live music and border collies.”

Finally, Alyssa had a message for Farmer David: “I’m very happy on my own, but life is so much more beautiful (and fun!) when you have someone you love to share it with. I would definitely make life on the farm more fun!”

With her positive attitude, sense of humour, and love of adventure, Alyssa seems like a great match for Farmer David.

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