Nat’s Picks: Will Hannah or Shelby Be the One for Farmer Brad?

Farmer Wants a Wife, Nat's Picks for Farmer Brad, Hannah (L) and Shelby (R)

Farmer Wants a Wife is back, and the search for true love is heating up as sparks fly for our farmers and their lovely ladies. But as with all reality TV shows, there is always a twist or two waiting in the wings. Enter: Nat’s picks.

Co-host Natalie Gruzlewski scoured the country for two additional potential partners for each farmer. For Farmer Brad, that’s Hannah and Shelby.

This year, all five farmers are on a quest to find their soulmates, and viewers have been captivated by the journey so far. Farmer Brad, Farmer David, Farmer Brenton, Farmer Matt, and Farmer Andrew have been building connections with their chosen ladies, but will Nat’s picks shake things up?

The newcomers now have a chance to spend some one-on-one time with their farmers, but their arrival is sure to create some drama, and the existing connections between the farmers and their ladies will be put to the test.

Will a last-minute arrival be the one to capture a farmer’s heart? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s get to know Nat’s picks and see how they fit into the mix.

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Meet Hannah

Hannah (pictured left in the above image) is a 29-year-old vet nurse from NSW. She is  also one of Nat’s picks for Farmer Brad on this season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

According to Hannah, her friends would describe her as “happy-go-lucky but always reliable for a deep chat and cuddles.”

When asked about her special qualities, Hannah said, “I pride myself on my dedication to helping people and animals. I am compassionate, empathetic and have a naturally warm nature. And I have a silly sense of humour!”

As for why she’s interested in Farmer Brad, Hannah shared that “he looks so sweet!”

She continued: “I genuinely think Brad is the most handsome. He is a cow farmer and I love cows.”

Hannah is originally from Kent in the UK, but has lived in Australia for the last decade.

“Australia is my home,” she said.

And as for what she’s bringing to the table in a relationship?

“I can make a delicious roast dinner,” she said. “I will love all the animals equally and shower them with love (that goes for Brad too!).”

Meet Shelby

Shelby, pictured right in the above photo, is 30, and works as a boarding house supervisor in Queensland.

In a press statement, Shelby described herself as a “human golden retriever.”

The reason for this, she explained, is that she is “always happy, always smiling, always excited, loves a pat, incredibly loyal, and leaves long blonde hair everywhere!”

When asked about her special qualities, Shelby mentioned her loyalty, integrity, kind and open heart, and her big, contagious smile.

Explaining why she was drawn to Farmer Brad, Shelby said she was instantly drawn to his cheekiness while watching his video.

She also noted that he is the male version of herself, personality wise. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s also “tall, handsome, has cattle and plenty of room for a pony!”

Finally, Shelby wanted Farmer Brad to know that she is independent and doesn’t need anyone to rely on, but she would love someone to share life with. She is extremely loyal and loves country music, something she hopes the farmer appreciates too.

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