‘Farmer Wants a Wife’: Is Chelsea the Perfect Woman for Farmer Matt?

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 cast Farmer Matt's ladies Chelsea

Farmer Wants a Wife has returned, and this season, there’s a guarantee that every farmer will find their soulmate this season. A happily ever after awaits all the farmers, and who doesn’t love that?!

This year, we’re following Farmer Brad, 32, from Cootamundra, NSWFarmer David, 29, from Pozieres, QueenslandFarmer Brenton, 26, from Darriman, VictoriaFarmer Matt, 23, from Bookham, NSW; and Farmer Andrew, 41, from Narromine, NSW, as they embark on the quest for true love.

Farmer Wants a Wife holds the prestigious title of being the world’s most successful dating show. To date, the show has produced 170 marriages, five long-term relationships, and 388 beautiful farmer babies born worldwide.

In Australia alone, the show has resulted in nine marriages, five long-term relationships, and 25 babies, and maybe this season will add to those numbers shortly!

Now, it’s time to get to know the Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 cast.

One of the women hoping to win Farmer Matt’s heart and get her Happily Ever After ending is Chelsea, a 22-year-old marketing assistant from Western Australia.

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Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Cast: Meet Chelsea

Chelsea may only be 22, but she’s hoping to find her forever love with Farmer Matt on this season of Farmer Wants a Wife. Meanwhile, her twin sister Rachel is also on the show, but thankfully, they’re not competing for the same farmer. Rather, Rachel is hoping to win over Farmer Brenton.

As for Chelsea, she was drawn to Farmer Matt because “he seems so loving”.

In a press statement, she explained: “We are both hopeless romantics, which gives me hope that there are genuine and loving guys out there.”

In terms of what she wants the farmer to know about her, Chelsea emphasised the importance of family and her love for connecting with people on a deeper level.

“Family is everything to me,” she said. “I am a hopeless romantic and am always down for a deep conversation.”

And when asked about her unique qualities, Chelsea said she’s all about having fun, and making sure everyone else is having fun, also.

“I am the friend who never leaves the room quiet,” she said. “I am always laughing either at something or myself.”

She also noted that she’s “adventurous and loving” and “not like most girls” her age.

Will Chelsea’s outgoing personality and romantic nature win over Farmer Matt? Only time will tell.

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