Brad Is Searching for Miss Right on ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ 2023

Farmer Wants A Wife Contestant Brad

Farmer Wants A Wife is returning to Channel 7 for 2023. And audiences are being promised its “most romantic season yet”. The Aussie favourite has successfully resulted in five long-term couples, nine happy marriages and 25 babies. Let’s see if love prevails this season with the guidance of hosts, Samantha Armytage and Natalie Gruzlewski.

Selected from different parts of Eastern Australia and various lines of agricultural work, each contestant is unique in his own right. And we’re curious to see the relationship dynamics that will blossom between them and their wives-to-be.

Audiences can expect a whirlwind of romantic encounters in this season from first kisses and romantic dates to life-changing shared moments. The hopeful farmers are given the opportunity to know what the journey of finding your soulmate really feels like (within the limits of reality television of course). And in a Farmer Wants a Wife first, the five eligible bachelors will find happily ever after. But what that means to each of them has yet to be revealed.

Before the show airs on Channel 7 and 7plus later this year, we’ll run you through the farmers that are looking for love. Let’s meet Farmer Brad. Described as this season’s loveable larrikin, he’s bringing a smile to woo the ladies and some unfortunate wounds from the past.

Farmer Wants A Wife Contestant Brad (1)
Image: Channel 7

“I wanted to be on the farm, she didn’t want to be there,” he detailed to Channel 7.

But despite his past heartbreak, Brad is ready to saddle up and find his soulmate on Farmer Wants A Wife. The 32-year-old crop and cattle farmer from Cootamundra, NSW admits that finding his special someone would complete his life.

Will Farmer Brad find his forever in a quest for true love? Tune into Farmer Wants A Wife, releasing later this year on 7 and 7plus.