Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet Farmer Will, Who’s Hoping to Find True Love

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Real love is back once again, and if 27-year-old Farmer Will has his way, he’ll be meeting his forever love shortly, when Farmer Wants a Wife returns.

In a new trailer highlighting Farmer Will’s journey, the fourth-generation crop farmer from Victoria explains how a guy as charming and good-looking as him could still be single, telling host Natalie Gruzlewski that it’s “the whole reason why this show is made”.

“There’s probably not even eight ladies in my whole town!” he exclaimed with a giggle.

Farmer Will is all about “being active with football, motorbike riding, fishing, tennis, cricket and water sports”, he reveals in a new press release.

“I really enjoy cooking for friends and family,” he adds. “I also make the most of opportunities to go on a holiday, catch-up with friends, attend a music gig [or] festival and explore somewhere or something new.”

In the trailer, Farmer Will says that in his life, he’s “just missing one thing”.

“I want to give my life to someone,” he says.

Will’s looking for a partner who’s “positive, respectful, ambitious, caring” and who is “true to themselves”, according to the press statement.

“I enjoy being with someone who likes having a laugh and being social,” he adds. “A woman who is confident in the person they are, has respect for themselves and has space for someone else in their life.”

We see glimpses of some of the dates Will and his potential loves will be going on this season in the trailer, and as expected, they’re all pretty cute.

“I’ve got something special planned, hopefully, I can show a bit of my romantic strength,” Farmer Will says in the clip.

There’s a romantic barn picnic with enough candles to put The Bachelor to shame, a group date in a river, and a solo date that looks like it came straight out of The Notebook.

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“I didn’t come here to find a girlfriend. I didn’t come here to kiss everyone. I came here to find my wife,” Farmer Will says.

Whether or not Farmer Will will find the one remains to be seen, but there are certainly sparks flying in the trailer, with Will saying that he’s “a bit smitten”.

“I really do think I could find a wife out of this,” he says.

For Farmer Will, the most important elements of a relationship are “trust and respect”.

“I feel if you have these two things from the beginning you can build and mould the relationship to whatever you want it to be,” he says in a statement.

Describing himself as “caring and fun”, Will says he’s “supportive and respectful” of his partner’s ambition in a relationship, and enjoys seeing them happy.

With no children of his own just yet, Will says he’s very family oriented — he has three older sisters and says he speaks with his family every day — and “would like to have children one day”.

“The timing would depend on my partner and how our relationship progresses,” he explains.

As for where he wants to be five years from now, Will says he hopes to be “sharing [his] life with a special someone on the farm, continuing to grow [their] farm business and being happy and content together”.

Of course, Farmer Will is just one of the five farmers who’ll be on the lookout for love this season on Farmer Wants a Wife.

The other farmers include Farmer Ben, from Wingham, NSW, Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW,  Farmer Harry, 24, from Kyabram, VIC, and Farmer Paige — the show’s first female farmer — who’s 28 and from Cassilis, NSW.

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