‘Farmer Wants a Wife’: Could Sparks Fly for Tiana and Farmer Will?

tiana farmer will farmer wants a wife 2022

Farmer Wants a Wife is in full swing, but the road to true love has been a rocky one thus far. Now, guest host Samantha Armytage is here to lend a hand, bringing in 10 new potential loves for our farmers. Could one of these latecomers be the game-changing love connection our farmers are searching for?

This season, we’re following Farmer Ben, 27, from Wingham, NSW, Farmer Harry, 24, from Kyabram, VIC, Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, VIC, Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW, and Farmer Paige — the show’s first female farmer — who’s 28 and from Cassilis, NSW.

One of the women Armytage has selected for Farmer Will is Tiana, a 27-year-old events manager from Victoria.

Tiana applied for Farmer Wants a Wife to “throw [herself] into the deep end to meet someone amazing and start a new chapter together”, and she’s hoping Farmer Will is that someone.

“They say you can’t love someone until you love yourself which I truly do,” she added in a press statement.

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Tiana chose to apply for Farmer Will because after watching his video, she felt that the “morals, values and the qualities that [they] want in a partner really line up”.

She explained: “It sounds like we want the same things out of life, and we could really connect and have great chemistry.”

When it comes to love and relationships, Tiana described herself as “a hopeless romantic” and said that she’s “wanting to experience life with [her] ride or die”, she just hasn’t met him yet. Still, she knows her special someone is out there somewhere.

“I’m positive, outgoing and know I’m going to make someone really happy one day,” she said.

“I’m hoping it’s Farmer Will, but only the future will tell,” she said. “I want someone to ride the highs and lows with life and make the mundane things fun, and to really just live our experiences together.”

Whether there will be a love connection between Tiana and Farmer Will remains to be seen, but until then…

Farmer Wants a Wife airs at 7.00pm on Sundays, and 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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