Farmer Wants a… Husband? Meet Farmer Paige, Who’s Looking for Mr. Right

farmer wants a wife farmer paige

Farmer Wants a Wife is just around the corner, and this year, things will be a little bit different. Meet Farmer Paige, the show’s first female farmer looking for love.

Farmer Paige grew up in Brisbane, but from the age of 15, she knew she wanted to be a farmer. Sure enough, she left life in the city behind as she pursued a life on the farm, and these days, she resides in Cassilis, NSW. Paige feels like a partner is the only piece of the puzzle missing, and by joining the show, she’s hoping to complete her dream life.

In a new trailer shared by Channel 7, Farmer Paige says that “love is what is missing from [her] world” at the moment, but she hasn’t given up hope yet.

“I know my guy is out there, I just haven’t met him yet!” she exclaims in the clip. “Finding true love would complete the whole package.”

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Farmer Paige is into “baking, cooking, rock climbing, hiking” and a lot of the elements that make up farm living. “I spend my time horse riding, going to rodeos, camp drafts and training my dogs,” she says in a new press statement.

As for what she’s looking for, Paige says “there is no ideal picture in mind”, but that she values “honesty, respect, sense of humour and reliability”.

“I’m looking for someone I can get along with, have fun with and enjoy each other’s company,” she says.

With so much of her life revolving “around the farm or around farm-based activities like rodeo and camp drafting”, Paige is hoping to find someone to share that with.

“I would like to have someone to come with me to the drafts and the rodeos, or join me on the fence line, or be my professional gate opener; just someone to share life with,” she says.

While Paige’s potential suitors don’t need to be farmers, they do need to understand that farm life isn’t a nine-to-five gig that you can clock off from.

“They do need to be someone who understands or is willing to learn the life on farm because out here we live the job,” she explains. “You… need to understand things will pop up at 7.00pm on Friday night and you have to fix the fence because otherwise the cows will get out.”

The trailer shows Farmer Paige as she embarks on her Farmer Wants a Wife journey, which is set to feature some very cute dates, despite the nerves.

“My dating skills are a little bit rusty,” Paige admits.

In fact, in one scene, one of Paige’s suitors goes in for a smooch, but things quickly turn awkward.

Still, Paige can be heard talking about finding a connection with one of the men competing for her heart, so perhaps there’s a smooth recovery for these potential lovebirds.

Regardless, Paige is ready to put herself out there. While she’s “definitely not a hopeless romantic”, Paige says she’s “caring” in her relationships, and will bring “thoughtfulness, honesty, [and] quality baking skills” to the table.

“I’m not walking away from this with any regret, or any ‘what ifs’,” she says in the clip.

As for where she sees herself in five years, Paige doesn’t have anything set in stone.

“My goals don’t revolve around certain milestones or achievements to meet in five years’ time, but rather incorporating things that make me the happiest in everyday life,” she muses. “I guess the future would be on a property somewhere and just enjoying the same things I do now but with somebody by my side. It’s pretty simple.”

Also on the hunt for their future soulmates are the other four farmers appearing on this season of Farmer Wants a Wife

They include Farmer Ben, from Wingham, NSW, Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW,  Farmer Harry, 24, from Kyabram, VIC, and Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, VIC.

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