‘Farmer Wants a Wife’: Could Kiani and Farmer Ben Be a Match Made in Heaven?

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Farmer Wants a Wife is in full swing, but the road to true love has been a rocky one thus far. Now, guest host Samantha Armytage is here to lend a hand, bringing in 10 new potential loves for our farmers. Could one of these latecomers be the game-changing love connection our farmers are searching for?

This season, we’re following Farmer Ben, 27, from Wingham, NSW, Farmer Harry, 24, from Kyabram, VIC, Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, VIC, Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW, and Farmer Paige — the show’s first female farmer — who’s 28 and from Cassilis, NSW.

One of Sam’s picks for Farmer Ben is Kiani, a 24-year-old beauty therapist from NSW.

Kiani applied for Farmer Wants a Wife because she’s ready to try something different, and she’s hoping a country boy could be just the change she’s looking for.

“In the past I have had a few dud relationships with men and I have put it down to being in the city,” she said in a press statement. “I have always loved the country and eventually would like to settle down somewhere rural and be with a down-to-earth country man.”

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Kiani was attracted to Farmer Ben’s profile because after viewing his video, she felt that the pair had “very similar morals and ideas of love”.

“He likes to have fun and has a good sense of humour,” she said, adding: “I think we could have the foundations there to build something special.”

With Farmer Ben being the only farmer this year to already have a child, Kiani said that she was feeling “quite maternal” also.

“I loved the way he spoke about her, I just thought it was beautiful,” she said.

And of course, there’s also the fact that “he is extremely good looking with nice eyes and smile, and he is tall”, as an added bonus.

Kiani said that she has “always believed in soulmates”, and she’s hoping Farmer Ben could be hers.

“I think a lifelong partner is just as important as a stable career,” she said. “My parents have the most incredible relationship that I aspire to have in my future, so I know it is possible.”

Will Kiani and Farmer Ben be a romance for the ages? Only time will tell. Until then…

Farmer Wants a Wife airs at 7.00pm on Sundays, and 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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