‘Farmer Wants a Wife’: Is Dylan the Future Mr Farmer Paige?

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Farmer Wants a Wife is back, and already, sparks are flying between our farmers and their potential loves. One of the men who’s vying for the attention of Farmer Paige — the show’s very first female farmer, is Dylan, a 29-year-old carpenter from Victoria.

27-year-old Paige hails from Brisbane originally, but left life in the city and embraced country living when she moved to Cassilis, NSW, to live a simple life and follow her passion for farming.

Dylan is hoping that sparks will fly as he embarks on his journey as one of the men hoping to win Paige’s heart this season.

In a recent press statement, Dylan said that he’s “ready to find that someone special to share [his] time with”, which prompted him to apply for the show.

“Paige seems to have similar morals and interests as me,” Dylan said, adding: “We both value honesty and she gives off a fun and positive vibe that I like to think I have as well. Hopefully, she enjoys a bit of friendly banter.”

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Having been single for over two years, Dylan is now putting himself out there, and hopefully, Farmer Paige will feel a connection, as she continues to get to know all her potential future husbands.

“I’ve always thought I would find someone to love,” Dylan said.

For Dylan, the way to his heart is “a fishing trip in the tropics”, but since Farmer Wants a Wife is all about country living, it’s unlikely the tropics will feature heavily. On the other hand, his go-to date idea is much more attainable.

“If I were to plan a date, it would be sunset looking over the water, in a quiet place with a charcuterie platter,” he said.

As for his past relationships, Dylan said that he’s had trouble speaking up, but that it’s taught him a valuable lesson. “In the past, I haven’t stood up for myself and have been walked all over,” he said. “I’ve definitely learnt from that.”

Will Dylan be the one for Farmer Paige? Only time will tell. Until then…

Farmer Wants a Wife airs at 7.00pm on Sundays, and 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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