Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet Farmer Benjamin, Who Wants Someone to Be Weird With

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Real love is back, and this year, Farmer Wants a Wife is promising that more than one farmer will “find real love”. Will Farmer Benjamin be one of the lucky farmers to find their soulmate?

Farmer Benjamin is a 33-year-old sheep farmer from Guyra, New South Wales, and he’s hoping to find “someone who can match this weirdness”.

“Let’s get groovy!” he exclaims in a newly released teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Aside from being an agricultural enthusiast, Farmer Benjamin is all about being offbeat and fun. He has a degree in drama, co-owns a record label, DJs and produces music, and last year, he even went viral for a touching tribute to his late aunty.

When he’s not hard at work on the farm, Benjamin enjoys music, art, theatre, travel and sports, especially cricket.

“Fusing creative and farm life is something that I find quite interesting,” he says. “Whether this is with sheep art or with drumming in a sheep race with some wooden spoons or even making a mosaic out of beer bottle tops in the shape of a sheep.”

Benjamin’s looking for a partner who he’s “emotionally, intellectually and physically attracted to”. She’d be someone who’s “independent, funny and creative”.

“She should be grounded but not rigid,” he said in a press statement. “I’m not sure if these are values, but a woman who has dreams and aspirations is something quite alluring.”

When it comes to life on the farm, Benjamin certainly is “not looking for a farm-hand or labour” but says that an “interest in the farm” and willingness to be a team player when it comes to maintaining the farm would be ideal.

“Equally so, I want to be able to engage and help her out in her profession or interests,” he says.

The most important element of a relationship is “communication and expression”, according to Benjamin.

“Relationships are fundamentally teams,” he says. “Communication is critical if this team is going to be able to conquer a little slice of the world, if not all of it.”

“Raw unbridled passion and intellectual stimulation are magnificently important in a relationship,” he adds.

Still, Farmer Benjamin isn’t all about serious communication and deep and meaningful conversations — he’s all about a good joke, as well.

“The beard has been possibly the best contraceptive that I’ve ever had,” he jokes in the trailer.

In the trailer, we hear one of the women describe him as “unbelievably kind-hearted, quirky, fun”, and it seems that the beard isn’t quite as off-putting as he would have us believe!

In fact, when one woman declares that she loves the beard, the pair fist-bump, but whether sparks will fly between the two remains to be seen.

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Noting that he’s “absolutely, stupendously nervous”, Farmer Benjamin says: “I don’t think my legs have stopped shaking.”

Addressing his potential loves, he gets vulnerable, saying: “I just feel like I’ve got a lot of love to give, and I want to have that happen.”

If the rest of the trailer is anything to go by, it seems it might just happen for him! We get glimpses of a few different dates, all of which look very romantic.

“This wave of emotion is coursing through my body; it’s the most euphoric time I’ve had on this planet,” he says in the trailer.

When it comes to relationships, Farmer Benjamin promises that he will “listen, comprehend and engage with what is being presented to [him]”.

“If I don’t understand, I’ll enquire and question until I do,” he says. “I am quite open- minded. If you want to travel, yeah sure, let’s travel. If you want to write a book, sweet as, I’ll help if I can. I am flexible and not rigid in my outlook and if you can construe that into a quality that I bring to a relationship, that would be greatly appreciated. I would be committed to putting the time, effort and energy into the relationship.”

Farmer Benjamin says that his philosophy on love is “Omnia Vincit Amor” — ie, love conquers all — and in five years’ time, he’s hoping “to be happy and healthy with a partner who is equally happy and healthy on the farm, living [their] best lives”.

As for kids, he doesn’t have any just yet, but he “definitely” wants them in the future. As for when, that will all be a matter of timing to be worked out with his partner.

“I certainly don’t want to wait 20 years to begin,” he says. “Nor do I want to be fertilising eggs straight off the bat.”

Of course, Farmer Benjamin is just one of the five farmers who’ll be on the lookout for love this season on Farmer Wants a Wife.

The other farmers include Farmer Ben, from Wingham, NSW, Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, VIC,  Farmer Harry, 24, from Kyabram, VIC, and Farmer Paige — the show’s first female farmer — who’s 28 and from Cassilis, NSW.

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