Reduce Puffiness and Improve Skin Tone With These 8 Facial Massage Tools

Mount Lai

Between beauty rollers and gua sha tools, facial massage accessories have taken off in recent years. As we discover the benefits of these tools — including lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation — it’s not surprising that there are now a plethora of facial massage tools for sale.

Whether you prefer a tool you can guide or something that does all the work for you, there is literally something for everyone. We’ve curated some of the best massage accessories on the market that you (and your face) will love.

Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Made from rose quartz, this gua sha tool is great for lymphatic drainage and to reduce puffiness and fluid build-up. It can also help relieve facial and jaw tension and aids in circulations, which gives your skin a healthy glow. Shop for $42 via the Sephora website.

Mount Lai
Image: Mount Lai

Skin Gym Face Sculptor

The Facial Sculptor by Face Gym has been designed to give your face a refresh much like a professional facial. The device fits the contour of the face and massages along the natural lines with a deep kneading action. Use every day for five to 10 minutes for best results.

You can use Skin Gym’s Face Sculptor with serums, oils or moisturisers on freshly cleansed skin. Shop via Sephora for $119.

Skin Gym
Image: Sephora

Beauty Fridge Spiked Jade Beauty Roller

Swap your average beauty roller for a textured one! Designed to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this Beauty Roller by Beauty Fridge will also help to combat puffiness and water retention.

The Spiked Jade Stone Roller provides stronger stimulation and intensity to aid with lymphatic drainage and collagen production compared to a smooth roller. Shop via Beauty Fridge for $35.

Image: Beauty Fridge

Manicare Nova Fit Face Massager

The Nova Fit Face Massager by Manicare is designed to improve circulation and reduce tension. The addition of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology stimulates facial muscles through gentle contractions to improve skin tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation.

It can also help enhance the performance of skincare actives from your serums and lotion. Use every day for five minutes to reap the benefits. Shop via Priceline for $114.99.

Image: Manicare

Aceology Blue Ice Globe Facial Massager

Aceology’s Blue Ice Globes work to encourage better blood circulation and helps to shrink pores while also healing and renewing skin. Pop your Aceology Ice Globes into the fridge for 10 minutes to make it a cooling experience and use them cold to soothe sinus pain and headaches.

The Ice Globes also work to remove under-eye darkness and puffiness, while helping to remove redness and pigmentation. Shop via Aceology for $64.

Image: Aceology

Skin Gym Face Trainer

Designed to give you an invigorating facial massage in order to boost your glow, the Face Trainer also lifts and tones your face muscles and can be used across your face, neck and chest area. Use with serums, oils, moisturisers or simply on freshly cleansed skin. Use daily for five to 10 minutes. Shop for $109 via the Sephora website.

Skin Gym
Image: Skin Gym

Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set

De-puff, brighten and boost circulation around your eye area with the Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set. The rose quartz massagers help to drain fluid away and encourage skin cell turnover, leading to brighter and firmer skin. Shop via MECCA for $104.

Image: Mecca

NuFACE Trinity Mini

This non-invasive treatment gives you professional results at home. The NuFACE device works to define facial contours, reduce wrinkles and tighten sagging skin by stimulating deeper tissues and muscles with gentle microcurrents.

Use every day for five minutes to improve the tone and texture of skin. Shop for $319 via MECCA.

Image: NuFace

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