Discover 7 of Australia’s Most Expensive Burgers You Can’t Resist

australias most expensive burgers

In a country renowned for its vibrant food scene, where innovative flavours and creative combinations reign supreme, it’s no surprise that Australia has embraced the art of crafting outrageously expensive burgers. These culinary creations are not just your average fast-food fix either. Think edible gold, black truffle-infused delicacies, and prime-grade Wagyu beef. It’s downright extravagant.

In the spirit of World Burger Day, we decided to dive into the world of high-priced patties, and the results were….mindboggling. For instance, the current frontrunner on the world’s most expensive burger list, the Robbert Jan de Veen of De Dalton’s diner in Voorthuizen, Netherlands, costs an eye-watering $8,000 AUD (based on current exchange rates). It requires two weeks’ notice and a deposit.

Thankfully, Australia’s costly burgers don’t go anywhere near that figure, but still, the average cost of a burger these days is around $20, $25 for premium stacks. We found a few that will set you back double the amount. We’ve rounded up Australia’s most expensive burgers for fun and serious business. Are these burgers worth the hefty price tag? Let’s find out.

australias most expensive burgers
Photo: Richard Mortimer

Nido Wagyu Burger ($53)

Bistro Nido
Let’s kick things off with a touch of glamour. The Nido Wagyu Burger, available at Bistro Nido, is the epitome of indulgence. Its 200-gram wagyu beef patty is generously adorned with bacon, double cheese, and house pickles, all sandwiched between two milk buns. The burger itself costs $25, but who only has a burger? Add an extra $8 fries, and take it up a notch with some foie gras for an extra $20, bringing this burger experience to a price tag of $53.

australias most expensive burgers
Photo: The Meat & Wine Co.

Angus Beef Burger ($29)

The Meat & Wine Co.
For those who appreciate the pinnacle of beef perfection, the Angus Beef Burger at Meat & Wine Co. is a must-try. Although it will set you back $29, which doesn’t seem all that much in today’s society, given most burgers only cost around $20, spending an extra $9 can be a stretch for some.

australias most expensive burgers
Photo: Bar Margaux

MGX Burger ($28)

Bar Margaux
Prepare to dine like royalty at Bar Margaux in Melbourne, where the MGX Burger reigns supreme. With a double Australian beef patty, a thick slice of bacon, a slice of cheddar, and a dollop of famous sauce and bordelaise, this burger commands attention. It comes with a side of frites and will set you back $28.

australias most expensive burgers
Photo: Opera Bar

Beef Burger Opera Bar ($28)

Opera Bar
For the same price, you can nab a $28 beef burger at Opera Bar. The burger here is simple: lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese, onion, and a side of chips. Not sure why it costs $28, but perhaps they’re charging for the harbour views.


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STFU ($69)

Ze Pickle
There’s excessive; then there’s over the top. At Ze Pickle, the STFU is the definition of over the top. Technically not a burger, well, technically not a sandwich either; the STFU is a skyscraper of a stack made of grilled cheese, fried onion straws, mac and cheese, fried chicken, maple bacon, four beef patties, smoked jalapenos, drowned in ZP sauce. This monster will set you back $69. It’s so tall we had to embed an Instagram reel to show this monster off.

australias most expensive burgers

Triple Cheeseburger ($30)

Old Faithful Bar
Bringing it back to something a little more reasonable, the triple cheeseburger at Perth’s beloved Old Faithful Bar requires two hands and costs $30. The patties are made in-house using fresh WA beef and come with fries, so at least you won’t need to shell out an extra $5.

australias most expensive burgers
Photo: Gimlet at Cavendish House

Gimlet Cheeburger ($26)

Gimlet at Cavendish House
Known only as the Gimlet cheeseburger, this sophisticated stack is a staple and a crowdpleaser. Made simply of a soft bun, juicy beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, a handful of pickles, lettuce, and sauce, this cheeseburger is crowned one of the best in Melbourne. You will have to part ways with $26 to get your hand son it, but given it’s Gimlet, we’d say that’s a reasonable price to pay. You can only get the burger during Supper.

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