Amy Gerard: An Appreciation Post for Emma from ‘The Wiggles’

Amy Gerard

If you live in Australia, you’d have at some point experienced the superpower that is The Wiggles.

Whether they were a part of your childhood growing up, or you now have children whose eyes light up at the sound of them; maybe you have nephews or nieces who love them or pop them on the TV when you are babysitting a friend’s kids; they will always somehow find a way into your home and you really can’t escape them.

And rightfully so. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they are one of the world’s highest-paid children’s performers and can hold a child’s attention like no one else. From the bright colours to the over-exaggerated expressions and the catchy-as-hell songs that will never leave a part of your brain, The Wiggles truly are a force to be reckoned with. Have you ever tried dragging a child away from the TV whilst ‘Bear’s Now Asleep’ is on? Borderline Impossible.

Amy Gerard kids
Image: Instagram, @amygerard

My kids have all gone through stages where they have been well and truly BESOTTED with them. I’m talking about waking up chanting their songs, demanding Wiggles on the TV whilst eating their breakfast, more songs in the car on the way to playgroup and some sort of Wiggles merchandise to go to sleep with at nighttime.

The difference, in my opinion, with The Wiggles from when I was a child to today is Emma. What an incredible performer. Honestly, how she manages to hold that smile so consistently and talk in such a soothing voice that makes you want to be rocked to sleep by her is beyond me. From the minute all three of my kids laid eyes on her, she was their favourite.

Cue dressing all of them as Emma when Book Week came around. Any sort of Emma-related toy or clothing out there, we have it. Not sure if it’s the fact that she is fluent in about 45 languages, can sign language, or can dance like an ethereal swan but then switch straight into hip hop, or if it’s her energy (I’m going with the latter), but she is a crowd favourite in this household and you only need to go to one of the Wiggles’ concerts to see it seems to be the same in most households.

Image: Instagram, @emma_wiggle

When I think of The Wiggles, I think of Emma (sorry to the blue one, because I’m pretty sure he’s been part of it since dinosaurs roamed). Emma has a magical way of making you focus on her.

And now she’s leaving to focus on other things and her PhD, because (that’s right) she’s also highly intelligent too, and I truly think she’s doing it at the best time. Don’t get me started on the fact that she was once married to the purple Wiggle and he’s now had a baby to another woman. Honestly, I can’t even follow ex-boyfriends on Instagram, let alone turn up and work with them daily. WHAT A WOMAN!!!

So, bowing out at the peak of your career, when you are so loved and respected by all your tiny adoring fans, is a smart move, in my opinion. She’s dedicated nine years to making children smile whilst giving parents a much-needed break and it sounds like it’s her time to take a breather. She will be missed near, far and wide by so many but always remembered as the beautiful, smiley, red-haired girl with the bow in her hair.

Amy Gerard
Image: Instagram, @amygerard

Her legacy will live on with 16-year-old Tsehay Hawkins who has performed with the group already previously and I’m so excited to see how she goes filling her shoes. I’m looking forward to The Wiggles continuing to grow and be a positive influence on all ages, but especially those of pre-school ages.

And to Emma, from an exhausted Mum who found solace watching her kids dance around the room giggling in hysterics when the days were tough, I can’t thank you enough. Wishing you all the best.

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