10 DIY Projects You Can Finish In Just a Weekend

It’s nearly that time of the week again: the weekend. When those of us in lockdown in Australia have an obligation-free 48 hours to fill — with most of them having to be indoors. (Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a balcony or backyard, in which case, lucky you — take advantage).

So, what to do? How should you fill said hours? Well, one of the best things you can do in lockdown is to get creative. Studies have shown creativity can reduce stress, decrease anxiety and increase positive emotions — ideal results for this time of uncertainty.

Convinced, and ready to get creative? Here are 10 DIY projects you can finish in a weekend.

Macrame hanging pots

Macrame hanging pots are not only great to have if you run out of shelf or floor space for your plants, but also make for eye-catching features for any room. Grab macrame cord and a two-pack of metal rings at your local homes store and three small pots and scissors from home, and follow these instructions here. How to make macrame hanging pots here.

Image: Spotlight

Sculptural twist candles

Sculptural twist candles are all over Instagram, but you’ll be pleased to know you can get in on the trend by making your own version — on the cheap, too. For this project, you’ll need long dinner candles made of paraffin wax (not soy) and a large pot or tall vase. All the steps to make a DIY sculptural twist candle are here.

Image: Instagram @fabrek

Personalised doormat

While this DIY project does require a handful of supplies, including fabric paint, paintbrushes, yarn and a large needle, the result is well worth it. Grab a cheap jute rug from Kmart or Target Australia. How to make a personalised doormat here.

Image: Spotlight

Customised dog collar

Your pooch deserves the best, so why not consider presenting them with a customised dog collar? Bonus for you: you’ll get to “unleash” your inner artist. While you can of course go at it on your own by buying a neutral collar and then decorating it with accessories from a crafts shop, Moo+Twig DIY collar kit has everything you need.

Image: Moo+Twig

Pantry jar labels

Combining creativity with the feeling of accomplishment is a recipe for a winning weekend. And one of the ways you can do that is by creating labels for all the items in your pantry and then organising it. Though it is somewhat of an investment, you might want to buy a label maker and cutting machine like a Cricut Joy.

Pantry labelling with Cricut
Image: Collective Gen

Bouclé Armchair

Like sculptural twist candles, the boucle homewares trend is everywhere these days, too. And to get in on it for a fraction of the price, spend a weekend making this bouclé armchair. All you’ll need are some basic tools, beige bouclé fabric from Spotlight and this $69 Kmart timber chair. Here’s exactly how to make a DIY bouclé armchair.

Image: Bunny Bernice

Kid’s toy planter

You’ll need a toy dinosaur, potting soil, flowers and a sharp knife to create this DIY kid’s toy planter by Alexis Todorovski, founder of clothing recycling company SCRgroup. Use the knife to cut a large hole in the top of the toy for the flowers, making sure to also create a hole in the bottom for drainage. Then, fill with soil and flowers — and voilà!

Image: DIY Network

Tiled table

Like bouclé furniture and twisted candles, tiled tables are on-trend. And being splashproof, they’re practical, too. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge this weekend, make a DIY version using this $12.99 IKEA Lack Side Table as a base. A step-by-step on making a tiled table is here.

Image: IKEA

Upcycled Sculpey Vase

If you have an old vase or two lying around, you might want to look at upcycling it, using Sculpey clay, metal cutters and water paints. Detailed instructions on making an upcycled Sculpey vase here.

Image: Spotlight

DIY foam mirror

Talk about a statement mirror. Start with a basic framed mirror from Kmart or Target Australia, and then grab some additional supplies, plus a mask and pair of gloves, and you can easily make it. Instructions on how to DIY a foam mirror here.

Image: Instagram @bulabubble

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