Another Blow for Sydney: Melbourne Might Be Getting Australia’s First Disneyland

disneyland australia

It’s almost criminal to think Australia doesn’t have a Disneyland yet, or Universal Studios, for that matter. When it comes to theme parks, we’re low on the totem pole compared to other major cities around the world, but after wishing upon a star, it looks like Australia is about to get its first Disneyland.

Where? Well, that’s the mystery. Two Australian states are vying to be the happiest place on earth, and they’re probably not the ones you would expect. That’s right, Victoria and South Australia have both put their hands up to be the new home of Mickey Mouse and friends.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp supported the idea of a Down Under Disney in Fishermans Bend.

“As Australia’s capital city of fun, of course, we should have a Disney theme park in Melbourne. We’ve even got the perfect spot for it – Fishermans Bend,” Ms Capp told the Herald Sun.

Although South Australia wants a piece of the happiness, with SA businessman and winemaker Warren Randall voicing his intentions of bringing the magic of Disney to his state.

He offered up a section of his 1,200-hectare McLaren Vale property to help make it happen, according to a Pedestrian article published September, 2022.

However, it seems more likely Melbourne will win this bid.

According to PerthNow, a piece of land north of Geelong, 30 minutes from the CBD and even closer to Avalon Airport, is being considered.

David Fox, Chairman of Avalon Airport, has had meetings with Disney in the past, according to 10Play, in regard to the vacant land.

“There’s an entertainment precinct that we’ve defined. I wouldn’t say (for a) Disneyland at this moment in time, but anything is possible,” he told 10Play.

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