Everything Darren Star Is Working on After ‘Younger’, Including the New Series ‘Uncoupled’

Darren Star

Now that Younger has come to an end — something we are still, frankly, in denial about — creator Darren Star has been turning his attention to other projects, namely season two of Emily in Paris, the reboot of Sex and the City and a brand new show called Uncoupled.

The series, which Star is making with Modern Family’s Jeffrey Richman for Netflix, will explore the adventures of a newly single gay man who must navigate the world of dating in his 40s after his husband of 17 years leaves him.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Star explained that Uncoupled is not intended as a niche series, but instead one that holds a broad appeal as it’s about the “very universal experience” of “being in a relationship that ends very subtly and abruptly after so many years.”

“It’s about a couple that happens to be gay, but that’s really about the universality of relationships, and I think it will hopefully be a very modern, relatable series,” Star said.

He continued, “I like to write about my own world, my own experience, and I think that everybody’s gone through a breakup of some kind, they’ve been on one end or another — probably both.

“The couple who’s going through this is gay so I think it will give a new point of view on a very universal story.”

Like Younger and Sex and the City before it, Uncoupled will also be set in New York City, but the producer assures us that it won’t be a male twist on the antics of Carrie Bradshaw and her fashionable friends. After all, Star reminded us, there is only one Sex and the City.

However, he did offer that what the two shows do have in common is the same theme that runs through all of his work — something that comes from his own life experience’s and that others can relate to.

“Throughout my career, from [Beverly Hills] 90210 to Melrose Place, to Sex and the City to Younger… these are people I know and experiences I’ve had and experiences that I can draw on myself personally,” he said.

“Incidentally, emotionally, I can really understand who these characters are, because I’ve lived these experiences myself to a degree.”

Star is currently in production on the second season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris in France, with part of the production taking place in Saint-Tropez. The executive producer described the experience of filming in a foreign location as “very rich” and also challenging and said he’d love to find a reason to film in another location, such as Italy.

As for the future of Emily in Paris, Star says he has ideas for what a third season could entail but Netflix has not yet picked it up for season three.

“First of all, the second season will air and then we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix, you can catch all seven seasons of Younger on Stan and Sex and the City is available to re-watch on BINGE.

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