From the Runway to the Dance Floor — Meet the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Icon Nadia Bartel

The 2024 Dancing With the Stars contestant Nadia Bartel

Dancing With the Stars Australia is a reality show that anyone can get behind. In this series, a bunch of Aussie celebrities team up with professional dancers to compete in a ballroom competition. Each week, they perform choreographed routines in front of a panel of judges and a live studio audience. It’s incredibly wholesome watching our favourite cooks and sports stars go from novices to borderline professionals. 

On the 2024 season of Dancing With the Stars, the cast is filled to the brim with so many exciting faces. The MasterChef icon Julie Goodwin is putting on a sequin dress, and the AFL legend, Shane Crawford, is slipping on some tap shoes. Additionally, this season will star more than just chefs and footy players. The fashion designer Nadia Bartel is also entering the fray.

Does Australia’s Nadia have what it takes to win Dancing With the Stars in 2024? Or will she be no match for the athletes? Here’s everything we know about Nadia.

Who Is Dancing With the Stars Australia’s Nadia Bartel

Dancing With the Stars Australia’s Nadia Bartel is a leading fashion designer and model. She’s best known for co-founding Henne, a clothing brand known for its Scandinavian, minimalist aesthetic. In 2020, Nadia and Henne became famous for creating a line of trendy tracksuits.


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Beyond Henne, Nadia has built up a sizable following on Instagram. She currently has over 500,000 followers, and posts predominantly about her family. Nadia has two children, Aston, aged seven, and Henley, aged four.

Will Nadia Bartel Win Dancing With the Stars Australia in 2024? 

According to Nadia Bartel, she’s going to give Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024 everything she has. However, in an interview, she revealed that doing so hasn’t been easy.

“Training is much harder than I thought it would be, and it’s been a bit of a juggle trying to fit it in with my schedule with the boys and work, but I’m loving it,” Nadia said. “This show is so far out of my wheelhouse, so different to anything I have ever done before, but I feel like these opportunities have to be taken. Life is too short to say no to something like this.”

If you want to watch Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024, it will be airing on Channel 7 and streaming on 7 Plus. As of writing, Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have a release date. But we’ll let you know when this info hits our calendars.

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