‘Home and Away’ Icon James Stewart to Waltz His Way onto ‘Dancing With the Stars’

James Stewart is on Dancing With the Stars

When it comes to wholesome television, no show does it better than Dancing With the Stars Australia. Week after week, we get to see Aussie celebrities go from novice dancers to borderline professionals. Better yet, the winner of this series wins $50,000 for a charity of their choosing. This year, the actor James Stewart will join the Dancing With the Stars cast and go on a heartwarming journey of his own. 

However, James isn’t guaranteed to win this series. He’s up against some professional athletes who have more experience competing. Not only is James taking on the AFL legend Shane Crawford, he’ll also be dance battling the former Olympian Nova Peris.

It remains to be seen if James is ready to take on such athletes. Here’s how his dance training has been unfolding this year.

Who Is Dancing With the Stars Australia’s James Stewart?

Dancing With the Stars Australia’s James Stewart is an actor who’s been on many iconic TV shows. From 2009 until 2011, he played the swoon-worthy electrician Jake Barton on Packed to the Rafters. He was also the stern Colonel in 2016’s Tomorrow When the War Began.

Since 2016, James has been a series regular on Home and Away. In this show, he plays the impulsive mechanic Justin Morgan.

Will James Stewart Win Dancing With the Stars Australia?

All signs point to James Stewart giving Dancing With the Stars Australia his all. In an Instagram post, James explained he’s been working hard with his dance instructor, Jorja Rae Freeman, to make his fans proud. This training will give James a chance to compete with the likes of Shane Crawford and Nova Peris.


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“I’m taking a spin around the Dancing With the Stars Australia dance floor!” James said. “My dance partner, Jorja Rae Freeman, has taken me under her wing to teach me some exciting routines, and I can’t wait to show you!”

If you want to watch Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024, it will be airing on Channel 7 and streaming on 7 Plus. As of writing, Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have a release date. But we’ll let you know when this info hits our calendars.

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