From the Kitchen to the Ballroom: Hayden Quinn Joins the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Lineup

Hayden Quinn is on Dancing With the Stars Australia

Dancing With the Stars Australia is back, and this year’s cast is more exciting than ever. We have Better Homes and Gardens’ Adam Dovile, the fashion icon Nadia Bartel, and AFL’s Shane Crawford, just to name a few. However, one contestant we’re particularly curious about is Hayden Quinn.

Dancing With the Stars is a beloved reality show where Aussie celebrities team up with professional dancers to compete in a ballroom dance competition. Each week, these celebs perform choreographed routines in front of a panel of judges and a live studio audience. Scores from the judges, along with viewer votes, determine who advances and who goes home.

Because Hayden is a celebrity chef, we’re wondering how he’ll do in the competition. Here’s a breakdown of his background and how his dancing’s been going so far. 

Who Is Dancing With the Stars Australia’s Hayden Quinn?

Dancing With the Stars Australia’s Hayden Quinn is first and foremost a chef. Hayden became famous for competing in the third-ever season of MasterChef Australia. While he didn’t win this series, he became popular for his cooking skills, laid-back attitude, and adventurous personality.

Since competing on MasterChef, Hayden has continued to work in the entertainment industry. In 2017 and 2018, he was a judge on the competition Family Food Fight. He’s currently hosting the series Taste of Australia With Hayden Quinn. On this show, he meets people from various communities across Australia, helps them tell their stories, and cooks their local produce. 

Will Hayden Quinn Win Dancing With the Stars Australia in 2024?

According to Hayden Quinn, he’s been practising hard for Dancing With the Stars Australia. He’s even announced that he’s being coached by Lily Cornish, a professional dancer. However, he’s also admitted that he’s not the most gifted of dancers.


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“Very excited to be dancing alongside Lily Cornish for this year’s Dancing With the Stars Australia,” Hayden said in an Instagram post. “Let’s be honest, she has the hardest job in the world right now!”

If you want to watch Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024, it will be airing on Channel 7 and streaming on 7 Plus. As of writing, Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have a release date. But we’ll let you know when this info hits our calendars.

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