Adam Dovile Trades Tools for the Tango — Will He Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Adam Dovile is on Dancing With the Stars Australia

For two decades, Dancing With the Stars Australia has been entertaining us with its brilliant conceit. We all love the idea of watching our homegrown celebrities learn how to dance. Fortunately, the latest season of this series is going to continue this tradition. Dancing With the Stars Australia has tasked Adam Dovile to develop some dance moves.

For Adam, this series might be quite the challenge. Not only will he have to learn an art form from scratch, he mustn’t succumb to the pressure that the finale could bring. The winner of Dancing With the Stars Australia gets the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. They also get to choose a charity that this series will donate $50,000 to.

Does Adam have what it takes to learn how to freestyle? Or is this art form not his strong suit? Let’s waltz into the facts.

Who Is Dancing With the Stars Australia’s Adam Dovile?

Before signing up for Dancing With the Stars Australia, Adam Dovile has had a long and illustrious career as a tradie on multiple TV shows. In 2013, his career kicked off with him competing on the renovation show House Rules. Adam won this season, which resulted in him being hired to co-host Better Homes and Gardens. He’s been a tradie on this show ever since.

In 2016, Adam won a Best New Talent Logie for his work on Better Homes and Gardens. Earlier this year, he travelled to Singapore to film some special segments for this show.

Will Adam Dovile Win Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024?

Up until now, Adam Dovile has been training hard for his appearance on Dancing With the Stars Australia. He’s even teamed up with the professional dancer Jessica Raffa to make winning this show a reality.

“My amazingly talented dance partner Jessica Raffa has taken me under her wing, been working me hard, to teach me some exciting routines,” Adam said in an Instagram post. “And I can’t wait to show you all my moves!”


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If you want to watch Dancing With the Stars Australia 2024, it will be airing on Channel 7 and streaming on 7 Plus. As of writing, Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have a release date. But we’ll let you know when this info hits our calendars.

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