Miss Your Friends? You Can Now Order a Cardboard Cut-Out of People and Pets


No doubt one of the most challenging parts of navigating Christmas during the pandemic is missing out on key moments with our friends, families and loved ones.

Zoom calls do well to help us spend virtual time with the important people in our lives, but it’s not quite the same as having them in the room.

Thankfully, an Australian company is helping people do just that (kind of?) with a hilarious loophole.

Since your friends and family can’t be physically there with you this year, why not have them printed on a custom cardboard cut-out?

LifeSizeCutOuts.com.au is a family-owned business based out of Victoria. Along with other professional printing services, the company crafts custom life-sized cut-outs of people, pets, and anything else you could ever want to pose with.


Printed on a high-grade 3mm fluted cardboard background, the custom cut-outs are durable and built to last. They each come with a strut on the back that allows them to stand independently in any corner of the room.

The cut-outs come in three sizes; life-size (up to 190cm), midi (up to 110cm), or mini (80cm), however, the company can accommodate prints to custom sizes, should you wish to virtually isolate alongside someone super tall.

Even better, the company can create custom prints of your pets in small, medium and large sizes.

You can have groups of people printed, a tabletop cut-out of a pal from the torso up, or even just an enlarged head of someone you love. The options really are endless.

LifeSizeCutOuts.com.au even has a range of celebrity cutouts available — from Harry Styles and Beyonce, to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prices start from $35 for pets, and go up to $155 for group cut-outs. Truly, it’s a small price to pay to have the next best thing to family and friends in the room with you during the holidays

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