How to Have COVID-Safe Sex, According to NSW Health

covid sex

A year on since the pandemic started (roughly), we’re all well versed in how to stop the spread. Social distancing, wearing a mask, regularly washing your hands and using sanitiser all the time. Here’s a new one, courtesy of NSW Health: How to have COVID-safe sex. Yep, a government entity is advising us on our sex lives, via the Play Safe website.

It’s recently gone viral – pardon the pun – after a Daily Telegraph article, quoting Liberal MPs, dubbed the advice as ‘salacious’, ‘erotic’ and ‘explicit’. Last week, NSW Chief Medical officer, Dr Kerry Chant, was forced to defend the website and insisted she was “very proud” of the work.

So, how do you have COVID-safe sex?

Well firstly, there’s no current evidence to suggest COVID is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids. So you’re safe in that regard. Keeping it within the household is another tip, so if you’ve been eyeing off your roommate for a while, this could be the chance to go for it.

Here are just a few ways NSW Health recommended you have COVID-safe sex.

Don’t kiss

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman would be proud. The reason you should keep your tongue firmly ensconced in your own mouth during COVID sex? Because COVID is transmitted via droplets, so sharing saliva isn’t the best way to go about it.

Maybe just aim for positions where you aren’t facing each other anyway…

Wear a mask

Yep, Play Safe recommends wearing a mask with three layers if possible. Makes sense, but brings a new meaning to the term ‘getting hot and sweaty.’

Wrap it up

When it comes to oral, condoms and dental dams are a must! During anal sex, also wear condoms — especially as COVID can be transmitted via faecal-oral transmission.

Take it online

Yep, NSW Health is encouraging sexting as a way to have COVID sex. As well as phone sex, and even video sex.

Mutual masturbation

This seems to have been the suggestion from NSW Health that has caused the biggest uproar. But yep, masturbating while 1.5 metres apart is a suggestion, and has an entire blog post dedicated to it on the Play Safe site.

If you’re using sex toys in this regard, make sure to wash them before and after — just like you would your hands.

Regular ol’ masturbation

According to the website, the safest sex during COVID is solo sex. At least masturbating will help you get a better night’s sleep?

If you’re still wanting to learn more, there’s even a very cute, animated video on how to have COVID-safe sex on the site — dancing mushroom and all.

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