Courteney Cox Surprises Fan With a Gift From Joey and Chandler’s Apartment


If you’re going to have a Friends-themed party, then you may as well have Monica Geller (aka Courteney Cox) crash via Zoom and join in right?! Right?!

Well, that’s what happened to a very lucky 13-year-old from the US, Naftali, who was celebrating his bar mitzvah in isolation.

Before the coronavirus, the teen had planned a party, designing his own invitations — based on the Central Perk logo — booked an orange sofa for photo opps and rented a foosball table — just like the one in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. However, like all events, being in lockdown meant that it was promptly cancelled.

While Naftali had to cancel his big day, it seems like the Friends Gods were smiling down on him because Monica Geller herself (with the help of Late Late Show host James Corden), surprised him with a drop-in and a very special gift.

You may be wondering how Corden and Cox came to know about Naftali. As it is these days, his family posted a video his home bar mitzvah and it went viral — a Rabbi zooming in and all.

Via a video chat, Naftali told Corden he had no idea that the video would be seen by so many people.

“I’m very excited!” he said. “I had no idea. I thought it was going to be a small thing, my family and just a few friends, but it got to be so big.”

During their Zoom chat, Cox “zoom-bombed” the conversation and she wasn’t empty-handed.

“I was really touched by your story,” she told the 13-year-old superfan. “So, since you couldn’t have your bar mitzvah the way you wanted, I decided to get you a foosball table just like the one in Joey and Chandler’s apartment.”

Umm… we want Courteney to drop into one of our work meetings, please!

But, the best thing of all? Before signing off, she gave her best Monica “I know!” and could we be more thrilled for Naftali?

WATCH: The One Where Courteney Cox Surprises a 13-year-old with a foosball table!

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