Australia’s First Contraceptive Pill Subscription Is Here


Say goodbye to lengthy waiting rooms and unfulfilling doctors appointments, because Australia’s first contraceptive pill subscription service is here from Kin Fertility.

Whether you’re starting the pill for the first time, thinking of switching to a new one, or simply want to renew the prescription of the composition that already works well for you, the doctors in partnership with Kin will help you fulfill your contraceptive needs — and all online.

To get started, you fill an online questionnaire with relevant questions about your medical history, current birth control methods, medical issues and your plans for a family.

A qualified Australian doctor will then assess your responses and engage in a text-based consult, and if suitable, prescribe a prescription plan for you. A bespoke package that includes a supply of the contraceptive pill will then be delivered to your door in discreet packaging from a partner pharmacy.

Though you’ll receive a 6-8 month supply each shipment (depending on the prescribed pill), you’re assured never to run out. Kin will automatically send you a new supply with plenty of time to spare before the next cycle commences.

The best bit? Shipping is free and delivery is lightning fast, plus your pills will set you back no more than the regulated chemist price.

There is a sign-up fee of $55, we think it’s easily made up for in the benefits that come with becoming a member.

As a member of the Kin family, you’ll have access to continuous medical support and follow-up doctor consults to renew scripts and get medical advice about your contraceptive pill should you experience side effects or find the pill you have does not suit.

The unique service aims to empower women to take control of their fertility health by providing trusted information and improved access to healthcare, as Nicole Liu, founder of Kin, explains.

“It’s 2020. Getting access to the pill should not be such an obstacle course. Women are still forced to take time out of their day every few months to visit their GP in person, just to get the same script for medication they’ve been on for years,” Liu tells TheLatch—.

“The reality for a lot of women is that they are waiting hours in doctor waiting rooms, or especially for women in rural areas, are waiting weeks to even get an appointment.”


With Kin, women all around Australia are connected to qualified doctors and are given safe and convenient access to contraceptive methods.

“We’re putting the power back in women’s hands by significantly improving access to the pill, giving them more control and choice over their own bodies,” says Liu.

While some women have already been using the Kin service to much success, Liu says this is just the start for the platform.

“We’re on a mission to completely break through the stigma around women’s fertility and reproductive health. We have ambitions to provide trusted information and better access to healthcare and products across the entire fertility journey, spanning from conception to pregnancy to menopause.”

Next, Kin will be launching a fertility test that will provide women with information about their personal fertility hormones, as well as product and healthcare bundles to “help women on the conception, pregnancy and post-partum journey feel like they are more in control”.

In addition to the current services, Kin also provide comprehensive guides to women’s health with in-depth yet understandable information across everything from PCOS and endometriosis to natural pregnancy and the effects lifestyle and age have on a woman’s ability to conceive.

The platform is a breath of fresh air in the confusing and outdated landscape available to women currently.

More on Kin Fertility right here.

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