CommBank Customers Can Save $428 On Their NBN Plan With This Clever Hack

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If you get as excited as we do by a clever money-saving hack (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll be pleased to hear about this deal from CommBank and More NBN. They’ve teamed up to offer CommBank customers 30% off their NBN each month for a whole year.

To claim the discount, you simply have to sign up for a More NBN plan with your CommBank credit or debit card. You’ll automatically get 30% knocked off your bill every month for 12 months. And while More’s NBN prices are competitive to begin with, a 30% discount adds up quickly, especially if you get one of their more expensive plans.

The deal applies to the Standard, XL Speed Boost, XXL Speed Boost and XXXL Speed Boost NBN plans. The Standard plan, with a typical download speed of 25Mbps, normally costs $66 a month. CommBank customers can get it for just $46.20 a month, equaling a total savings of $237.60 over the course of a year.

The next tier up, the XL Speed Boost, can reach speeds of up to 50Mbps and costs CommBank customers $53.90 a month instead of the usual $77, leaving them with $277.20 extra in their pocket at the end of the year.

The XXL Speed Boost plan, which has typical speeds of up to 92Mbps and normally costs $99 a month, is just $69.30 a month for CommBank customers, saving them $356.40 after 12 months.

Finally, the XXXL Speed Boost plan can reach download speeds of up to 205Mbps. Normally you’d pay $119 a month for those speeds, but CommBank customers pay just $83.30. Over the course of a year, that equals a saving of $428.40. That means you get the fastest NBN plan for less each month than what everyone else pays for the XXL plan.

All of More’s NBN plans have unlimited data and no lock-in contacts, so you’re free to switch between them if you want to upgrade or cut back to save more money.

If you haven’t heard of More before, here’s what you need to know: they’re an Australian-owned NBN, phone and mobile provider with a proudly carbon neutral workforce. Meaning the business calculates the carbon footprint of its team members and offsets these emissions by planting trees in native forests.

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