Coles Latest Best Buys Catalogue Includes an Incline Bench for $69.99

Incline Bench

If you’re looking to work on your chest, back and arm strength, an incline bench could prove helpful. An incline bench press gives you a better range of motion compared to a flat bench and puts less stress your rotator cuff, which according to Healthline, is a common injury when using a flat bench.

In the latest Coles Best Buys catalogue, there is an incline bench on sale for just $69.99 — what a score. Similar benches for sale at Rebel would cost you upwards of $200!

The incline bench at Coles is ideal for chest and shoulder presses, as well as crunches and dumbbell workouts. It also comes with a handy dumbbell holding hooks underneath for storage. The backrest is also adjustable depending on your height and the cushioned leg rest anchors will keep you locked into the correct position.

Image: Coles

There is a bunch of workout gear in this catalogue including an Adjustable 3-Tier Aerobic Stepper for $24.99, a Balance Board for $12.99 and a Skipping Rope for $3.99.

To up the ante of your Pilates workouts, consider adding in a few accessories like the Pilates Toning Balls 2 Pack for $12.99 or a Pilates Ring for $6.99. Or, if you’re in need of a new yoga mat or block, both are on sale for $4.99 each. Wild!

Image: Coles

These items can be found in-store at selected Coles Supermarkets until Thursday, August 20. Head to the Coles website to find out if your local supermarket has the workout gear in stock.

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