This Little-Known Hack Will Get You 10% Off Your Next Coles Food Shop

Coles food shop

As I’m sure you know by now, the cost of living is rising. Our electricity bills are set to jump. Petrol prices are up. And have you seen the cost of lettuce lately? It’s no wonder many of us (me included) are constantly looking for ways to save — either by cutting back or by getting things for cheaper.

If the latter’s what you, too, are trying to do, you’ll be pleased to know this hack that’ll give you 10% off your next Coles shop.

From Wednesday, June 15 to Tuesday, June 21, if you buy a $100 or $250 gift card from Coles, you can get 10% off the total transaction, including the card fee. Meaning that when you then use the card to buy groceries or petrol, or to pay your household bills, you’ll be paying 10% less.

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Coles customers can buy a $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card, with a purchase fee of $5 per card, for $94.50 with the 10% discount, saving $5.50. Meanwhile, customers who pick up the $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Card, which carries a $7 purchase fee, can get it for $231.30, leaving an extra $18.70 in their pocket.

While $5.50 and $18.70 savings might not be much by themselves, you can buy up to five gift cards per person. Which means if you buy five $250 gift cards, you’ll save a whopping $93.50.

“We understand many Australians are feeling the pinch with rising cost of living pressures and we’re always looking at ways we can provide the very best value at Coles to help make a difference,” says Coles General Manager of Non-food Jonathan Torr.

“The 10% off selected Coles Mastercards will provide some temporary relief on everyday expenses, as the gift cards can be used on anything from the weekly shop to paying the household bills — it can even be used to maximise savings at other retailers during end-of-financial-year sales.”

The $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Card are available to buy at all Coles stores until Tuesday, June 21, while stocks last.

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