Keen for Coles’ Collectables $200 Casserole Pot? Here’s How to Earn Bonus Credits to Get There

Missed getting a casserole pot in Aldi’s cast iron cookware sale? Not to worry, on Wednesday, March 2, Coles launched its latest collectables campaign, which could see you walking away with a $200 KitchenAid version — for free. And yes, it’s a similar type of campaign as Woollies’ Discovery Garden and Disney+ Ooshies — except, of course, the collectables are worth a lot more.

Along with the casserole pot, since March 2, you’ve also been able to get a mini cocotte, a 15cm serving bowl with an eco-friendly bamboo lid, medium and large baking dishes with bamboo lids, and a 29cm pie dish. The KitchenAid range is designed to heat evenly and be used for preparation, cooking and serving.

To get the pieces, you’ll need to trade-in credits, which you can get from every transaction of $20 or more in-store at Coles or online through your FlyBuys card.

You can also score bonus credits by buying from a range of 1500 everyday products from 27 participating brands, including Bega, Leggo’s, Chobani, Old El Paso, Finish, Airwick, Colgate, Nescafe, Wellness Road and Continental.

The pieces will cost you between 26 credits (for the mini cocotte) and 150 credits, with that the price tag of the cast-iron casserole pot. You can choose to pay all in credits, or half in credits and half in cash.

Image: KitchenAid

“We know Australians are real foodies and love entertaining so we are delighted to partner with such an iconic and sought-after brand like KitchenAid to reward our customers with something really special that they can only get at Coles,” said Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson.

“To help customers get their hands on these items faster we’re again allowing them to redeem their points for half the cost of an item and simply pay for the other half, as well as joining forces with 37 household brands to offer bonus credits in order to help increase the accessibility of the program to those who may not spend as much on their weekly shop.”

See you in a Coles’ aisle soon (or until collectables stocks last).

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