This Membership Offers Discounted Gluten-Free Essentials for Coeliacs


I’ve been a gluten-free Italian now for 14 years, and let me tell you, it’s not been a easy road.

Trips to my Nonna’s house that smell like freshly-baked wood oven bread, trips to Italy where everything I can’t have is paraded around in front of me by cute Italian waiters, trips to the toilet at the most inconvenient or embarrassing of moments, when I’ve eaten something with gluten in it by accident…

But it’s not all bad. In the 14 years that I’ve been a coeliac, the offering has become increasingly better. No longer do I feel like an asshole for asking if a restaurant has gluten-free pasta, there are actually really yummy places that make homemade gluten-free bread and none of my friends bat an eyelid when I ask them if I can smell their croissant to get my real-dough fix.

Supermarkets have also upped their game, with almost a whole isle of gluten-free alternatives that you can trust to be pretty good. 

But one downside that remains is the gluten-free prices. Although it might only be a few dollars more, doing an entire gluten-free shop can be pretty expensive, especially when you compare it to non-gluten-free groceries.

Well, I have some good news. Coeliac Australia offers memberships that get you amazing discounts, keep you updated on all the gluten-free latest news and research and offer a full-time platform for support, where you can ask any questions you may have at any point.

The membership offers a 5% discount on gluten-free groceries at Woolworths, as well as free food plans and recipes to help you track your tum, while also still eating delicious food as well as other discounts that come and go throughout the year.

The membership is just over $100 a year (the price of two coffees a month), and seriously minimises your overall spending. It’s also an incredible support network, which can be super helpful when your body is playing up and you feel as though you have no one to complain to. 

With a membership, the Coeliac Australia helpline is available to you always, with no such things as a silly question. 

This membership would be totally fantastic for people who have recently discovered their fate, or long-time coeliacs that want to spend less on their food, expand their gf cooking skills and connect with other coeliacs out there.

It’s also a super helpful resource for parents who have children with coeliac disease, being a super accessible and helpful platform to transition your lifestyle into gluten-free, without hassle. You can sign up for a membership on the Coeliac Australia website.

Go on, go get yourself some cheap(er) rice and corn pasta.

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