Melbourne’s First Fully-Licensed Spa is the Mood Lift We Didn’t Know We Needed

So we just found out that Melbourne has a fully licensed spa and we’re ready. It’s pink, it’s plush and you can experience it all with a cosmopolitan in hand. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a character in Sex in the City for the day, here’s your chance. 

With an amazing offering of services, ranging from detox facials, to make up and manicures, to eyebrow threading, spray tans and eyelash extensions, SOAK Bar + Beauty is the place to be. You can even get a wash and blow dry on your way out, if you’re really feeling like the full zhush, or a night on the town. 

SOAK Bar + Beauty is a different kind of spa experience. It’s still zen, but with upbeat music, bubbly employees and a delicious drink offering, it’s more of a pick-me-up than a chill-me-out. It’s the kind of spa that leaves you feeling fresh-faced and zingy, perfect to amp you up for a busy week or a big night.

Stumble in however you feel, and come out tickled pink cheeks and looking a million bucks. We tried it, it works. 

During our trip to SOAK, our favourite experience was the detox facial, a 45 minute long session, with steam extraction and lots of exfoliation, perfect for re-setting your skin. The eyebrow threading was also amazing; our brows have never looked so sharp.

Owner and Managing Director Carlie Lansdown is the brains behind the beauty. 

“I was inspired by the idea of bringing people together in an empowering space. It’s about really taking time out to indulge, for you.” 

With over 10-years of experience as a beauty therapist, Lansdown knows the perfect combination of self-care must include great people, vibe-y music, a cocktail or two and lots of pink. 

Located in South Yarra, SOAK Bar + Beauty is the perfect place for a group friend’s date, some one-on-one pampering, luxe hangover recovery or even for a birthday party or hen’s day.

Come on, drink a cosmo at a spa on a Wednesday morning, we dare you.

For all information on beauty services and bookings, head to the SOAK Bar + Beauty website.