7 Foods You’re Likely to See on the Christmas Table This Year

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It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas feast. Be it lunch or dinner; tables will be filled with loved ones, friends, family, and most importantly, our favourite Christmas foods, from a succulent glazed ham to a colourful trifle tucked away in the corner of the kitchen, waiting to have its moment.

While there are some foods that are quintessentially Australian Christmas (looking at you, prawns), it seems our holiday table-scapes are looking a little different every year, shifting away from tradition and moving toward fun, interactive, TikTok-inspired snacks and dishes.

So, we’ve rounded up the foods you might spot on this year’s Christmas table, from the all-encompassing boards to some budget-friendly dupes of fancy appetisers and mashed-up desserts.


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Tis the Season for Butterboards and Grazing

Just like over the past five years, prepare to see a lot of grazing boards stacked with fruits, cheese, meats, quince paste, a few sprigs of rosemary, and anything else to make it look visually appealing.

Thanks to the butterboard trend, chances are a butterboard will be on the table, too, which is an easy, not to mention pretty, way to serve spreads to guests. Top it with figs, hot honey, strawberries — pretty much anything that goes with butter or cream cheese for that matter. Make it in the shape of a tree if you really want to get in the festive spirit.


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It’s the Most Wonderful Time to Eat Topped Cheeses

Cheese topped with caramelised onions, sticky figs, cranberry sauce, jams, and chutneys will make an appearance on most tables this year. After all, we can never scroll past a crusty crostini dipped in a gooey brie. Thank you, food-porn TikTok. It’s also a great way to tide over your guests while the main is cooking.


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All I Want for Christmas Is Brie Trees

Brie trees are cute little Christmas appetisers that don’t require much work at all. Just cut up some brie into triangles, smother it in the spices of your choice, and pop a pretzel stick in the bottom of it to act as the stump. This year, we’re going to see lots of these easy but aesthetically pleasing appetisers hit the table as people discover TikTok hacks.

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Deck the Halls with Air Fryer Delights

This one should come as no surprise. Air fryers are in; ovens are out. From air fryer pork belly with crackling to mince pies, expect the Christmas tables to be decked with air fryer treats.

@tigga_mac IT’S A SCRAMINGTON WREATH! 🤤 Not even joking, this turned out way better than expected. DELISH!! #tiggamac #okiedokie #dessert #caketok #drool #cakevideo #lamingtons #christmas #wreath #cakedecorator #aussie ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Merry and Thrifty: Wreaths and Desserts on a Budget

There’s no escaping the cost of living so, this year, we’re finding wallet-friendly ways to make an impression. This could be using store-bought desserts and turning them into wreaths or even Christmas tablescape hacks. TikTok is a minefield for hacks, so what are you waiting for? Get scrolling.

@tastyoz this dessert cob loaf will help put your panettone to good use this christmas! #panettone #cobloaf #christmasfoodideas #christmasbaking #christmasrecipes #baileys #tasty #buzzfeedoz #tastyoz ♬ Applesauce – Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith & George King & RK Masters

Retro Aussie Bites for a Christmas Delight

Cob loaves have made a comeback, and it looks like Christmas is no exception to the iconic party food. We’ll be seeing cob loaves, Viennettas, and plenty of retro Aussie treats take up their rightful place on the table this year.

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