Will Matt Le Nevez Survive ‘Celebrity MasterChef Australia’?

If you’re like us, you’re simply never going to be over Patrick’s death on Offspring. We’re still crying!

After a few years in Hollywood working on The Widow and Absentia, Matt Le Nevez has finally returned to Australia to try his hand at Celebrity MasterChef Australia, and we’re hoping he has a better outcome than poor Patrick did!

“I’m probably best known for being hit by a car,” Le Nevez says in a new trailer for the cooking comp, adding, “hopefully I don’t die this time”.

In a recent interview with WHO, the actor dished on his cooking skills, his love of food, and why he signed up for the show.

Asked to rate his skills in the kitchen, he said: “Pre-show, I’d say a two out of 10″, adding with a laugh that he “knew how to boil water”.

“It’s pretty hard to burn water!” he joked.

In a promo for the show, Le Nevez said that his biggest strength in the kitchen was “bringing people together”.

“Just having fun in the kitchen is probably my strength,” he added.

Although he wouldn’t give away how well he does in the upcoming season, Le Nevez said that he’s proud of his efforts on the show.

“It might be to the end … it might be all the way to the very end,” he told WHO. “Or it might not! But I had a great time, honestly. And now I’m back here in Los Angeles and I’m cooking all kinds of things for my family and they are enjoying it!”

Le Nevez, who keeps a low profile on social media, recently spoke to TV Week about why he likes to keep his life with partner Michelle Smith and their two children, son Levi and daughter Wren private.

“Some people like to show them off to the world,” he said, “but they’re my kids and it’s not their choice to be on social media. Maybe I’m too serious about it all, but they are very special little children.”

In fact, he credits his children for improving his cooking skills!

“I left home pretty young and then had to learn how to cook, and I was really bad at it,” he recalls in his IG Q&A. “As soon as I had kids, it just changed what I wanted to do for them and give for them, and really create, you know, a beautiful home around the kitchen.”

Celebrity MasterChef Australia premieres Sunday, October 10, on 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia

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