Will Pop Princess Dami Im Win the “Super Love” of the ‘Celebrity MasterChef Judges’?

Dami Im is no stranger to competition. After slaying her way all the way to the win on season five of The X-Factor, Dami went on to compete for Australia at Eurovision, where she came in second.

Now, she’s taking on Celebrity MasterChef Australia. Will she be able to win the “Super Love” of the judges and make them “Smile” with the dishes she plates up, or will she be met with the “Sound of Silence”? Only time will tell!

In a new promo spot dropped by 10, Dami says that she loves cooking, and from the tease, it seems that the judges will be suitably impressed by her efforts.

“It smells so good,” we hear judge Melissa Leong say.

In a recent Instagram promo, Dami revealed that her passion for cooking comes from “delicious food cooked by [her] mum”.

“She’s such a good cook and I’ve always loved it and wanted to replicate it,” she gushed.

Asked what dish she’d be, Dami said she’d be a “sugar-coated plum”.

“Real sweet on the outside but then you bite into it and I’m super sour on the inside,” Dami said with a smirk.

Dami went on to reveal that her biggest strength in the kitchen is being able to multi-task under stress, which will surely come in handy for all the pressure tests in store!

And, always a relatable icon, Dami said that she recently started learning Mandarin Chinese but then “gave up because it’s too hard”. Mood! Still, she assured us, she’s “gonna pick it up again”.

With her new single “Pray” dropping this Friday, Dami is super busy this week, with a live performance on Studio 10 this Friday and a Facebook livestream on Saturday locked in, ahead of the Sunday premiere of Celebrity MasterChef.

Promoting the single on her Instagram, Dami posted a pic that had Squid Game fans laughing.

The snap, of a sugar honeycomb circle imprinted with “Pray” and her name on it, calls back to the third episode challenge, where players have to carve out the image with a needle or face the consequences (death).

In the comments under the caption promoting her upcoming schedule, Dami added: “(will you survive?!)”.

One commenter replied “Every single person is getting shot”, because man oh man, that honeycomb looks like a CHALLENGE!

At least Celebrity MasterChef has lower stakes than Squid Game, right???

Celebrity MasterChef Australia starts Sunday, 10 October at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia

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